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X6.3 solar flare

Sunspot region 3590 does it again! It's third X-class soalr flare and the strongest solar flare of the currently Solar Cycle thus far peaking at a respectable value of X6.3 (R3-strong).

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Did space weather really knock out cell phone service in North America?

It's a hot topic today... North America woke up this morning with nationwide cell phone outage for AT&T. Is this caused by the two X-class solar flares from sunspot region 3590? A lot of people seem to think that is the case but this is completely false. Christian Harris from Space Weather Trackers made a great post explaining why space weather is not to blame for this outage. Correlation is not causation. Read his post below!

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Two X-class solar flares only 7 hours apart

Sunspot region 3590 which is located at a fairly high latitude produced two impulsive X-class events. The first solar flare peaked yesterday at 23:07 UTC with a maximum X-ray flux of X1.9 and the second solar flare peaked today at 06:32 with a maximum observed X-ray flux of X1.7. Both events caused a brief strong R3 radio blackout at the day-side of our planet.

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