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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2014 was a year to remember. Solar activity rose to a maximum with more than 1900 solar flares (above C1) and the appearance of some very large sunspot regions, including the largest sunspot region in 24 years! We were however very unlucky as most of the coronal mass ejections were not directed towards earth and caused only geomagnetic storms up to the G2 moderate geomagnetic storm level according to the official and finalized Potsdam K-indices. It’s hard to believe that a very active year in terms of solar activity leads up to very little geomagnetic storming. In fact, this year we saw less activity than in 2010, the year that the 24th solar cycle began to activate after a really long solar minimum. A summary of all these events was made in a video which you can now find on our YouTube channel, you’ll be amazed what happened this year on our Sun and the aurorae that came with it.

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Ultimo brillamento X2024/06/10X1.55
Ultimo brillamento M2024/06/17M1.3
Ultima tempesta geomagnetica2024/06/15Kp5+ (G1)
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maggio 2024171.7 +35.2
giugno 2024156.8 -15
Last 30 days144.9 -29.1

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