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Rapporto attività solare

Rapporto dell'attività geofisica solare 2001 Oct 18 2200 UTC
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Relazione congiunta USAF/NOAA sull'attività solare e geofisica

Numero SDF 291 rilasciato alle 2200Z il 18 Oct 2001

IA. Analisi delle regioni solari attive e delle attività dal 17-2100Z al 18-2100Z

Solar activity was at low levels. The first half of the day produced multiple low level C-class flares that were not optically correlated. At 18/1350 UTC, Region 9658 (S14W48) produced a C6/1n flare and associated radio enhancements. White light analysis of this region shows a slight decay in areal coverage of spots, though it remains a beta-gamma magnetic class group. Region 9661 (N16W23) followed with a C4/Sf flare at 18/1609 UTC and continues to show the potential to produce much more significant activity. This region has shown a small decay in areal coverage of spot group from yesterday, although it still continues to be a large, magnetically complex region. New Region 9672 (S21E69) produced the largest flare of the day, a C8/Sf flare that occurred at 18/1905 UTC. This region may very well be old Region 9632 which currently appears to have not fully rotated onto disk. Two new Regions were numbered today, 9672 and 9673 (N03E73).
IB. Previsione dell'Attività Solare
Solar activity is expected to be at low to moderate levels. There are several regions on the disk that are capable of producing M-class or isolated major flares, the most noteworthy being Region 9661.
IIA. Sommario dell'Attività Geofisica dal 17-2100Z al 18-2100Z
The geomagnetic field was at quiet to unsettled levels.
IIB. Previsione dell'Attività Geofisica
The geomagnetic field is expected to remain at quiet to unsettled levels through forecast period, barring the occurrence of an earth-directed CME. High latitudes may experience isolated periods of active conditions during days one and two.
III. Probabilità di evento 19 Oct to 21 Oct
Classe M60%60%60%
Classe X10%10%10%
IV. Penticton 10.7 cm Flux
  Osservato       18 Oct 229
  Previsto   19 Oct-21 Oct  235/240/245
  Media di 90 giorni        18 Oct 188
V. Indici Geomagnetici A
  Osservato Afr/Ap 17 Oct  002/004
  Stimato     Afr/Ap 18 Oct  005/006
  Previsto    Afr/Ap 19 Oct-21 Oct  005/010-005/010-008/008
VI. Probabilità di Attività Geomagnetica dal 19 Oct al 21 Oct
A. Medie Latitudini
Tempesta minore05%05%05%
Tempesta maggiore intensa01%01%01%
B. Alte Latitudini
Tempesta minore05%05%05%
Tempesta maggiore intensa01%01%01%

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