Strong M-flares, Filament eruption with CME

Wednesday, 12 July 2023 18:48 UTC

Strong M-flares, Filament eruption with CME

Welcome to July! A month where both our American and French friends celebrate very important holidays with lots of celebrations and fireworks! Our Sun thought it would be a good idea to join in on the celebrations as we have a new sunspot region (AR3372) announcing its presence near the north-east limb with regular M-class solar fireworks, some of these flare have even exceeded the M5 (R2-moderate) threshold like the M6,8 solar flare that took place today and peaked at 08;55 UTC.

While some of these solar flares have been impressive and signal that this sunspot region is one we need to keep an eye on in the days ahead, it of course did not launch any earth-directed coronal mass ejection. But wait, our Sun is not done yet with the fire works. She actually launched a filament eruption south of centre disk yesterday and the coronal mass ejection from this eruption does have a chance to deliver a glancing blow at our planet this Friday, 14 July. Just in time for Bastille Day! Bonjour to our French friends! We expect a limited impact at most as the partial halo coronal mass ejection launched mostly southward but a glancing blow can not be ruled out. Geomagnetic storming is unlikely but this is something to keep an eye on for our friends in the dark, over in Australia and New Zealand.

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