G1 storm watch, M-class solar flare

Friday, 14 January 2022 13:45 UTC

G1 storm watch, M-class solar flare

The NOAA SWPC has issued a minor G1 geomagnetic storm watch (max Kp of 5) for Saturday evening (15 January) and Sunday 16 January due to the arrival of an anticipated coronal hole solar wind stream. 

We find this forecast to be a tad optimistic but nonetheless, high latitude sky watchers should be alert in the days ahead for possible enhanced auroral displays.

M-class solar flare

An M1.8 (R1-minor) solar flare took place earlier today peaking at 02:03 UTC. This solar flare comes from a region behind the north-east limb and it is now starting to rotate on to the earth-facing solar disk. We will get a better look at it in the days ahead.

This is the same region that produced a massive far side eruption only two days ago. Check out the tweet below for details. While we couldn't measure the strength of the solar flare at the time due to the eruption taking place behind the east limb, we did see an enormous amount of solar plasma shooting away resulting in a major coronal mass ejection. Could this be a region that will bring us some much needed fireworks this coming week? Lets hope so!

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