M1.0 solar flare from sunspot region 2615

Tuesday, 29 November 2016 - 19:45 UTC

M1.0 solar flare from sunspot region 2615

We've been a bit inactive the past few days just like our Sun but she woke us up today with an M-class solar flare!

It was only a very impulsive M1.0 solar flare that peaked at 17:23 UTC so nothing too exciting but the last time we've had an M-class solar flare was on 7 August 2016... so yeah, it was about time! Source of this event was newly numbered sunspot region 2615 on the south-eastern quadrant of our star. A coronal mass ejection was not launched.

A quick look at sunspot region 2615 reveals that it actually is a fairly small sunspot group with only a few spots and a rather unimpressive Beta magnetic layout. Despite the small size of this sunspot region, its been remarkably active today with a few C-class flare and this M1 event. More M-class solar flares seem unlikely but let's hope we're wrong!

Current data suggest that it is not possible to see aurora now at middle latitudes

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Today's space weather

Auroral activity Minor Severe
High latitude 25% 20%
Middle latitude 1% 1%
Predicted Kp max 2
Solar activity
M-class solar flare 1%
X-class solar flare 1%
Moon phase
New Moon

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Last X-flare:2015/05/05X2.7
Last M-flare:2017/04/03M5.8
Last geomagnetic storm:2017/06/16Kp5 (G1)
Number of spotless days in 2017:42
Last spotless day:2017/06/12

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