Waiting for the next stream, Quiet Sun

Monday, 19 October 2015 - 17:25 UTC

Waiting for the next stream, Quiet Sun

A minor coronal hole faced Earth yesterday and solar wind flowing from it could arrive in about 48 hours from now. Active geomagnetic conditions (Kp4) could occur once the solar wind stream arrives.

Geomagnetic conditions are quiet right now but we did had one period where we reached the G1 minor geomagnetic storming threshold yesterday due to what was likely a minor coronal hole solar wind stream that carried a mostly southward Bz component of the IMF. Aurorae were seen from multiple high latitude and even upper middle latitude locations like:

Russell Wiltshire Photography - Point Addis near Anglesea, Australia:

Jani Ylinampa Photography - Rovaniemi, Finland:

Quiet Sun

What likely are the remains of sunspot region 2422 has rotated into view and it is now known as sunspot region 2437. While there were two M-class solar flares from this area on 17 October, we have to conclude that the spots which are visible right now pose no threat for further M-class activity.

All the other sunspot regions on the disk are also not complex enough for M-class activity. Beta-Gamma sunspot region 2436 and sunspot region 2434 are however likely candidates for C-class activity.

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