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Which updates do I receive?

When space weather happens, we often make news updates which you can receive in your e-mail. We only send an update if there is interesting news to report like solar flares, coronal holes, geomagnetic storms and a lot more. Everything in regard to Space Weather, so you'll never miss out significant events.

How to get news updates on the app?

  1. Asenna sovelluksemme App Store or Google Play
  2. Avaa SpaceWeatherLive sovellus
  3. In the app menu 'Settings', click 'Manage notifications' and enable the News alerts

How to subscribe for e-mail updates?

  • Napsauta painiketta 'Tilaa'
  • Fill in the subscription form and give your consent, so we have your permission to e-mail you
  • After filling in the subscription form, you will receive an e-mail to confirm your subscription
  • When you've confirmed your subscription, you'll receive a welcome message to let you know you'll start receiving our updates

Good to know about our email service

The system will only send out an e-mail if there is news to report, and this will be done daily so that you won't receive a bunch of e-mails from us. During periods of high activity it can be the case that you'll receive an e-mail from us every day, in quiet times it could take more than a week, it all depends on our beloved star the Sun. If you ever want to unsubscribe, use the link in the e-mail, and we'll stop sending you these updates. You can always reactivate them in a later time.

Keep in mind that SpaceWeatherLive is run by volunteers in our free time, it can happen that we can't find the time to write news items, but we do our very best to make sure big events are always posted.

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Viimeisin X-flare16/02/2024X2.5
Viimeisin M-flare16/02/2024M3.0
Viimeisin geomagneettinenmyrsky18/12/2023Kp6 (G2)
Pilkuttomat vuorokaudet
Viimeisin auringonpilkuton vuorokausi08/06/2022
Kuukausittainen auringonpilkkuluku
tammikuuta 2024123 +8.8

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Auringon flarepurkaukset
*vuodesta 1994

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