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Let's compare! Halloween 2003 VS May 2024 Solar Storms!

Today we have a really special news item for you! We have a guest post made by Christian Harris from Space Weather Trackers. Christian is a friend of the website an has made very well received guest posts before. He has some serious big brain knowledge about everything space weather related. I am sure many of you have heard of him before. He is here to shed some light on the Extreme G5 geomagnetic storm of last weekend and the famous Halloween 2003 solar storms. Please read his article below and gain some fascinating insights on two of the strongest solar storms in modern times. It is well worth the read! If you are interested in Christian's work be sure to follow him on Facebook and follow his Space Weather Trackers Facebook page. Christian, the stage is yours:

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Coronal mass ejection impact, New website feature!

A coronal mass ejection impact was detected at DSCOVR around 12:40 UTC today. The north-south direction of the interplanetary magnetic field (Bz) flipped southward to about -12nT to -12nT. A minor G1 geomagnetic storm watch is in effect for the remainder of the day.

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Última explosão X10/06/2024X1.55
Última explosão M18/06/2024M1.1
Última tempestade geomagnética15/06/2024Kp5+ (G1)
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Último dia sem manchas08/06/2022
Número médio mensal de manchas solares
maio 2024171.7 +35.2
junho 2024157.6 -14.1
Últimos 30 dias145.8 -28.2

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