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Rapport d'activité solaire

Rapport d'activité solaire et géophysique 2012 May 23 2200 UTC
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Rapport de l'USAF/NOAA sur l'activité solaire et géophysique

SDF numéro 144 publié à 2200Z le 23 May 2012

IA. Analyse des régions solaires actives et activité du 22-2100Z au 23-2100Z

Solar activity was low. Region 1484 (N11W56) produced a C1/Sf flare at 23/0027Z. Region 1484 decayed slightly in its leader and intermediate spots. Slight growth was observed in Region 1483 (S24W79) as it approached the west limb. New Region 1489 (S30E40) was numbered today. The rest of the spotted regions showed no significant changes. No earth directed CMEs were observed during the reporting period.
IB. Prévisions d'activité solaire
Solar activity is expected to be very low to low with a slight chance for an M-class flare for the forecast period (24 - 26 May).
IIA. Résumé de l'activité géophysique du 22-2100Z au 23-2100Z
The geomagnetic field ranged from quiet to minor storming. Early on 23 May, solar wind speed at the ACE spacecraft increased from approximately 430 km/s to 630 km/s while the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) fluctuated between +/- 10 nT. The geomagnetic field responded with active to minor storm periods between 23/0000 - 0900Z. By about 23/0600Z, total field strength decreased to approximately 4 - 5 nT while the Bz component remained mostly positive. Solar wind speed remained fairly steady around 580 km/s to 600 km/s through the end of the reporting period.
IIB. Prévision de l'activité géophysique
The geomagnetic field is expected to be quiet to unsettled with a chance for further active periods on day 1 (24 May). Mostly quiet conditions are expected on day 2 (25 May). On day 3 (26 May), quiet to unsettled conditions are expected with a chance for isolated active periods around mid-day as a glancing blow from the 22 May CME is possible.
III. Probabilité d'éruption solaire du 24 May au 26 May
Classe M10%10%10%
Classe X01%01%01%
IV. Flux Penticton 10.7 cm
  Observé       23 May 117
  Prévisionnel   24 May-26 May  115/115/110
  Moyenne des 90 derniers jours        23 May 116
V. Indice géomagnetique A
  Observé Afr/Ap 22 May  015/018
  Estimé     Afr/Ap 23 May  012/018
  Prévisionnel    Afr/Ap 24 May-26 May  010/010-005/005-008/008
VI. Probabilités d'activité géomagnétique du 24 May au 26 May
A. Latitudes moyennes
Tempête mineure15%01%10%
Tempête majeure/sévère05%01%01%
B. Hautes latitudes
Tempête mineure20%05%15%
Tempête majeure/sévère05%01%05%

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