Visualisation de l'archive de mercredi 11 août 2004

Rapport d'activité solaire

Rapport d'activité solaire et géophysique 2004 Aug 11 2200 UTC
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Rapport de l'USAF/NOAA sur l'activité solaire et géophysique

SDF numéro 224 publié à 2200Z le 11 Aug 2004

IA. Analyse des régions solaires actives et activité du 10-2100Z au 11-2100Z

Solar activity was low. Today's activity consisted of numerous C-class flares, predominantly from Region 656 (S13E03). The largest event of the day was a C7/Sf from 656 at 1141 UTC. Region 656 continues to grow and is nearly 1000 millionths in area. The group continues to have a magnetic delta classification. A slow, faint CME was seen in LASCO off the south limb yesterday, beginning at about 10/1854 UTC in C2 imagery. The CME was associated with surge activity and a subsequent EIT wave that was observed just north of 656 and east of central meridian.
IB. Prévisions d'activité solaire
Solar activity is expected to be low to moderate. C-flares should continue and there is a good chance for an isolated M-class event during the next three days. There is also a slight chance for a major flare event from 656. Background levels are expected to increase tomorrow with the return of old Region 652 (N07, Carrington = 347).
IIA. Résumé de l'activité géophysique du 10-2100Z au 11-2100Z
The geomagnetic field ranged from quiet to active levels. Solar wind data show the continuing influence of a high-speed coronal hole wind stream. The greater than 2 MeV electron fluxes reached high levels during the past 24 hours.
IIB. Prévision de l'activité géophysique
The geomagnetic field is expected to be generally unsettled with a chance for isolated active periods for the next two days (12-13 August). Conditions are expected to be unsettled to active on the 3rd day (14 August) with the arrival of weak transient flow from yesterday's CME.
III. Probabilité d'éruption solaire du 12 Aug au 14 Aug
Classe M55%55%55%
Classe X10%10%10%
IV. Flux Penticton 10.7 cm
  Observé       11 Aug 131
  Prévisionnel   12 Aug-14 Aug  140/145/150
  Moyenne des 90 derniers jours        11 Aug 107
V. Indice géomagnetique A
  Observé Afr/Ap 10 Aug  012/014
  Estimé     Afr/Ap 11 Aug  012/013
  Prévisionnel    Afr/Ap 12 Aug-14 Aug  010/010-010/010-015/012
VI. Probabilités d'activité géomagnétique du 12 Aug au 14 Aug
A. Latitudes moyennes
Tempête mineure15%15%20%
Tempête majeure/sévère05%05%05%
B. Hautes latitudes
Tempête mineure15%15%20%
Tempête majeure/sévère05%05%05%

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