S1 storm, CME arrival, M-flares

Saturday, 27 August 2022 17:22 UTC

S1 storm, CME arrival, M-flares

Solar activity is moderate due to numerous M-class solar flares from departing sunspot region 3088. This region is now close the west limb and any coronal mass ejections produced by this region are unlikely to affect Earth.

We are also in a minor S1 solar radiation storm at the moment due to an M4.8 solar flare from this region earlier today. The solar protons arrived at Earth but the resulting coronal mass ejection is not aimed at our planet. S1 solar radiation storms can cause troublesome HF radio propagation at arctic latitudes. Last but not least we also saw the arrival of a minor coronal mass ejection which could cause enhanced auroral conditions at high latitude locations. Also something to keep an eye on if you're lucky enough to be at such a location. The solar wind speed is not high at 400km/s but the north-south component of the interplanetary magnetic field (Bz) did flip southward which will fuel auroral activity.

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