Eruptive M2.4 solar flare

Friday, 14 July 2017 - 03:34 UTC

Eruptive M2.4 solar flare

Decaying sunspot region 2665 (Beta, S07W31) produced a very long duration M2.44 solar flare that is still in progress at the time of writing. Indeed a big surprise as its magnetic layout remains rather simple and that means such a solar flare was very unlikely to happen.

Early indications show that this is a very eruptive solar flare and that it has launched a coronal mass ejection. STEREO Ahead shows an expanding cloud of solar plasma on the latest imagery. No SOHO images are available yet to confirm an earth-directed trajectory but considering the location of sunspot region 2665 an earth directed portion is not impossible. More information will be posted later today.

Current data suggest that it is not possible to see aurora now at middle latitudes
Active geomagnetic conditions
Observed Kp: 4
The solar wind speed is currently moderately high (619.7 km/sec.)

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Today's space weather

Auroral activity Minor Severe
High latitude 25% 40%
Middle latitude 10% 1%
Predicted Kp max 4
Solar activity
M-class solar flare 1%
X-class solar flare 1%
Moon phase
Waning Crescent


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Space weather facts

Last X-flare:2015/05/05X2.7
Last M-flare:2017/07/14M2.4
Last geomagnetic storm:2017/07/17Kp6 (G2)
Number of spotless days in 2017:47
Current stretch spotless days:4

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