AR2422 returns, AR2192 anniversary

Saturday, 17 October 2015 - 19:44 UTC

AR2422 returns, AR2192 anniversary

Not an M-class solar flare but old sunspot region 2422 (or what's left of it) is announcing itself on the east limb with an C8.6 solar flare.

In the coming days we will find out what is left of this sunspot region which managed to produce numerous M-class solar flares including two M5+ events during it's last transit across the earth-facing solar disk.

UPDATE 21:07 UTC: two M-class events took place just moments ago. Both of these events took place just behind the east limb where old sunspot region 2422 is supposed to be. M1.1 at 20:23 UTC and M1.5 at 20:42 UTC.

Sunspot region 2192 anniversary

It is today exactly one year ago that sunspot region 2192 crossed the east limb. We are sure that many of you remember this sunspot region very well. Sunspot region 2192 grew in the days that it faced Earth to be the largest sunspot region in 24 (!) years. It produced six X-class (R3) events but failed to launch a single coronal mass ejection towards Earth. For some reason it was not capable of launching any coronal mass ejections! A disappointment for sky watchers around the world, but what a sunspot region it was. For sure something to remember as one of the highlights of ongoing solar cycle 24.

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