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X1.6 solar flare from sunspot region 2205

Sunspot region 2205 has just produced an X1.6 (R3-strong) solar flare that peaked at 17:26 UTC. It already produced numerous M-class solar flares the past few days and now we saw it's first X-class solar flare! SDO imagery suggests this solar flare is eruptive and that it likely launched a coronal mass ejection (CME) despite it being a relatively impulsive solar flare. Type II and IV radio sweeps were reported which also indicate the launch of a CME.

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Sunspot region 2205, SDO is back

Solar activity is at moderate levels since our last update with three R1-minor events, all from sunspot region 2205: M2.7 at 02:49 UTC, M2.0 at 04:25 UTC and at 10:22 UTC we saw an M1.0 solar flare. Numerous coronal mass ejections were observed over the past 48 hours including some from sunspot region 2205 but none of them were earth-directed. LASCO data is not fully available yet to analyse the three M-class from today but we do not expect that they launched any earth-directed coronal mass ejections. We are also happy to tell you that we are receiving up-to-date data again from the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory and this means we can take a closer look at sunspot region 2205 and see what more we can expect from it.

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