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Did the historic solar minimum cause the pandemic?

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Sorry Ron, it isn't worth starting a new thread.

The common cold is a corona virus (exosome, there are no harmful "viruses"). If you had a cold you have the antibody. Subtract the fraudulent accounting and very likely you end up with the expected common cold kill count. For peeps outside the upgraded zones, all EMR is harmful. Flu, colds every year. In your house without any broadcasting accessories you still get EMR from 3G and 4G aerials and boxes, cabling, TV, etc. and your microwave cooker, smart meters and next-door's modem router. (Keep your phone away from your head, your particulars and new and unborn babies.)

Study Shows Direct Correlation between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks

So many?

Satellites? Guessing there are over 60k already. The controllers can put 5G anywhere they want.

I don't wish to intrude further except to say if you can't connect the dots, seek help. Are you American? Your governments (UN sub-contractors, USAs Inc.) are corporations. If that's a shock, go read some Anna von Reitz. Brits refuse to get their heads out of the sand. CV19 is a psy-op. It's about vaccines, RFID chipping, getting you isolated, killing small businesses, going cashless, robbing trillions and the American communist coup attempt. Probably a nuke warif they can get one going.
It's  fascinating to follow, if you get the time. MsM news is a waste of time. https://www.ukcolumn.org/ukcolumn-news-archive isn't.

I won't be back unless my back-burner interest in space gets elevated, in which case I'd be here on topic. Thanks for the exchange. And thanks Ron.

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Thanks for spoiling this thread. 

@Vancanneyt Sander 

Thanks for the moderator(s) ..for allowing repeated off-topic & conspiracies in this forum.

I have waisted my time here ... so that was it ... good luck





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