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Solar Flares and Impacts


Sorry in advance if this turns out to be a dumb question.

Is it possible that a solar flare or CME could be caused by an impact of the sun by a meteor or asteroid? I imagine the sun is hoovering up various solar system stragglers most days but I'm not sure enough of the maths/physics as to whether this could be of any consequence given the size of the sun in comparison with any possible impactor.

And a second question that leads from the first; would it be possible to detect such an impact OR what size and speed would any potential impactor have to be to for its impact to be detected?

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Hello and welcome. Most of the comets that approach the Sun burn up long before they can impact the Sun but it does happen that very large comets survive long enough before they hit the Sun. We can sometimes see comets on coronagraph satellite imagery as they approach the Sun. This YouTube video gives you a great example.

I can't really answer your second question but comets do not trigger solar flares or CMEs. Imagine throwing a pebble in the Atlantic ocean. That is comparable to what a comet impact looks like on the Sun.

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