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Solar Minimum per SORCE SIM

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Unfortunately, there is not available a good number of Total Solar Irradiance measurements to historically compare data against, even going back no further than the beginning of the modern space age.  (WHY IS THIS?!!?)  In this thread, we'll look at the breadcrumbs we have, found at LASP Interactive Solar Irradiance Data Center:


(to be continued)

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The following two graphs are Total Irradiance Spectrum plots (from the SORCE Solar Spectral Irradiance data).  The first plot is from Dec. 15, 2019 2008 at the SC23/24 Solar Minimum.  The second plot from Oct. 15, 2019 is the latest data available in the current SC24/25 transition.



The faint vertical grey line in both of the above plots is situated at ~677nm.  We will evaluate this wavelength specifically, because according to the following chart, it is a Red Light frequency used to reveal the magnetic map at the photosphere:

782034443_Redlightchart.thumb.jpg.013be9d24843c99cc2fe62f45ec306d1.jpg   (Source of chart.)


Here is the plot of the 677nm wavelength time series:




So I ask you, kind reader, to vote on what the above plot is suggesting to you:

  1. We are (obviously) plunging below Dalton Minimum levels, if not into a full-blown Maunder Minimum!😱 (I wonder whether Kitiashvili had peeked at that graph--or similar--before putting out her latest forecast for SC25. 😎)
  2. The graph is 'interesting' 🤔; we need to look at some more data.🤓 (But is it is not curious why more solar physicists are not discussing this plot? 😯)
  3. The measurement is obviously suspect. 🙄  (The TSI and Solar Spectral Irradiance measurements should have been taken out at the Lagrange Point, rather than in low earth orbit.🙄)


Edited by theartist
corrected source of chart; corrected incorrect date in second sentence.

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