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Multi-Rotation Persistent Magnetic Structure

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Multi-Rotation Persistent Magnetic Structure ('Persistent MS')

This document looks at some magnetic field structures on the surface of the sun that persisted for multiple solar rotations during this current solar minimum period.

129646790_PFSSdescriptivetext.thumb.png.61aca746710505c68a8e0c10071492c2.pngPFSS descriptive text(source).

Source of imagery in following animations.

--------------------- ------- ---------------------


Features that stand out persistently (depicted in the next image) between rotations are:

  • large 'open areas' of opposing magnetic polarity;
  • consistent field line angles between the 'open areas'.


--------------------- ------- ---------------------

CASE 1 animation:  5/26/18 through 01/23/19; Nine Rotations:

  • START, Rotation 0, 5/26/18;
  • Rotation 1, 6/22/18;
  • Rotation 2, 7/19/18;
  • Rotation 3, 8/15/18;
  • Rotation 4, 9/11/18;
  • Rotation 5, 10/08/18;
  • Rotation 6, 11/04/18;
  • Rotation 7, 12/01/18;
  • Rotation 8, 12/27/18;
  • Rotation 9, 01/23/19.


In the above animation, the large magnetic structure that had repeated for eight rotations was broken and dispersed by Rotation 9, when other magnetic structure took predominance.

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--------------------- ------- ---------------------



CASE 2 animation:  3/19/19 through 08/26/19; Six Rotations:

  • START, Rotation 0, 3/19/19;
  • Rotation 1, 4/13/19;
  • Rotation 2, 5/10/19;
  • Rotation 3, 6/06/19;
  • Rotation 4, 7/03/19;
  • Rotation 5, 7/30/19;
  • Rotation 6, 8/26/19.


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The trans-equatorial coronal hole that developed east (to the left) of the persistent magnetic structure discussed for 'Case 2' in this thread was earth facing on 2019.08.27-2019.08.31its associated Geomagnetic disturbance date interval was 2019.08.30-2019.09.05 and it produced a Max solar wind speed of 872 km/s (reference www.solen.info ). 

Here are other thread discussions related to this persistent magnetic structure and associated coronal hole(s):

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In addition, if I'm not mistaken, that area of solar disk containing the persistent magnetic structure discussed above for 'Case 2', is also responsible for producing the 'Stealthy CME' in the following thread:

Nope, sorry, this last statement is not necessarily true.  The 'Stealthy CME' discussed in that thread occurred on 08/13/19, and only the first of the coronal holes straddling the persistent magnetic structure had appeared in the STEREO-A frame by that date, per the image below:


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