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Marcel de Bont

Sunspot region at an extremly high latitude?

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It looks like a small sunspot region popped up at a remarkably high latitude on the Sun's far side. Not only is this likely a sunspot region that belongs to the new solar cycle 25, it also popped up inside the northern hemisphere polar coronal hole at a really really high latitude. I do not think I ever seen a sunspot region at such a high latitude before. Anyone else who can recall ever seeing a sunspot region at a similar latitude so close to the Sun's north pole? If it´s not a sunspot region, what else could it be?


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The highest observed sunspot region in the northern hemisphere up until now was AR11069 with an latitude of 42°! (and it even produced a M1.2 solar flare!). On the Southern Hemisphere we had two regions AR9518 and AR9523 that where on latitude of 50°!

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