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Solar wind temperature graph

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Hi Helios,

On the longer timespan page (with data of the past day), we have added your suggestion. We'll maybe add some more tweaks over the next few days. If you got any comments on the implementation, let us know. The change will also reflect in our iOS and Android app.

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Cool! (no pun intended)

Thanks a lot! One suggestion: It might help the readability if the unit for the mouseover was kilo-Kelvin, or a scientific notation instead of the full 5-6-digit number.

And a comment: Years ago I made diagrams for my personal use from the ACE-Satellite whose data is now intermittent:

I've preferred a linear Y-axis, but maybe just because I'm used to it. NOAA-SWPC seem to use a logarithmic Y-axis for their diagram.

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For the less experienced users, Kelvin is more known then kilo-kelvin. That’s why we used Kelvin in the mouse over. 

The logaritmic scaling probably has its reasons of swpc, because the old ACE was also using logarithmic scaling we also used it in our graph.

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