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Michael gimmeson

Geomagnetic fluctuations and seizures

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On 3/28/2019 at 9:47 PM, Kaimbridge said:

SpaceWeather.com posted an article, Can Humans Sense Magnetic Storms?, about that study, including a link to a pdf version of the whole eNeuro paper, Transduction of the Geomagnetic Field as Evidenced from Alpha-band Activity in the Human Brain.

One thing I find interesting about the discussion right here, in this forum, is that some have mentioned being Aspergic/on the autism spectrun (I was never diagnosed as being an Aspie, but given my history, quirks and interests, I would say I am definitely—at least mildly—Aspergic...plus I was most certainly classified as ADHD in my grade school years! P=)
Given that the nature of autism is that oneʼs brain is wired differently, as well as those on the spectrum are more gastrointestinally sensitive, maybe we are actually physically more heliobiologically sensitive–?

This is what I’ve been thinking. I have bad hypersensitivities (light, sounds) and they tend to worsen along geostorms.

One thing is that when Kp index is 0 - I am usually hyperactive and have very little -or none- sleep. I did notice that this was once mentioned on space weather.com by one man but his thoughts were very quickly shot down. So I didn’t have the courage to share my experience. But there is affects on human healt with high kp’s - so why not at lows? 

It would be interesting to hear your comments on this phenomena. 


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I am Mary.  I, on the 4th of July, got up at 6:30am EST and was fine. Fell back asleep and woke at 9:30 am to have had a seizure and had a huge headache until 11pm. The night before, 3rd, I was agitated and things had to be away from my head. The 5th I started out alittle off and by afternoon I slept til 4pm. 

I live in NY and on the 4th an earthquake happened in CA. 

Yes I see a neurologist since 1998. Yes I feel when the barometric pressure changes or when the weather is going to get yucky. 

I am so glad I am not the only one! Having a seizure makes you feel lost as it is but when phenomenal things happen at the same time- it is neat in it’s own way but very draining. Take care!


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Picking up on a few bits here...
Yes, humans can detect electromagnetic fields, but it seems the deleterious effects mentioned here tend to arise from sudden changes, not so much in strength. I base this on discussing the effect with people over the last 10-12 years who have experienced this.
Yes, also autistic people seem to be more affected, including one woman of my acquaintance who can locate an electrical device in a room by moving across the room. More commonly though the effect seems to involve feelings of nausea, migraine, brain fog, loss of coordination, migraine-like halo effects, head or neck ache, pressure sensations.
For my own part it seems that it is solar wind density that correlates most strongly with the effect. Specifically sharp large fluctuations in density. However there are other factors involved that intensify (but not weaken) the effect. One thing that is certain, I come to realise I've got 'that feeling' and will go check online only to find that, sure enough, the planet is currently being zapped. As to what 'that feeling' involves - an ache at the base of the back of the skull, sensation of pressure in mid-brain region, trouble focusing vision, sense of lethargy are the most common. Others can include on a scale of minor to worst, faint smell of iron, ache at the back of the throat, loss of coordination (inability to type easily tends to show up as a first sign), nausea, halo effects including large white areas of no vision, falling suddenly asleep, absence seizures and rarely tonic-clonic type seizures.
Overhead electrical storms can also have an effect.
Flipping back to the autistic angle, many of us are sensitive to things like noise from flourescent lighting, poor electrical connections or components about to fail in the vicinity. Not being able to sleep or to focus ina  room with multiple electrical devices is not common but also occurs. One example of self-reporting research of several thousand autistics (hardly the gold standard I know!) showed about 40% of autistics were had some form of sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.
Because of a general belief that humans simply cannot detect or respond to EM there's been very little by way of research but that does not change the lived experience which, unfortunately, can be debilitating at times, regardless of whether it has been researched, or whether people even believe it possible. For my own part, I'm well used to researchers refusing to believe that autistics can do this or that (it goes with the territory unfortunately) so though research to confirm this would be nice, it will just be yet another example among many where a study finally caught up with something so commonplace in the autistic community that we don't bother discussing it much any more.

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Interesting. I'd love to see more folks utilizing databases available to us.

@ CDR Solar Child
Electromagnetic energy, if truly traveling at the speed of light takes about 1.4 seconds to reach earth.
On the other hand, physical material from CME's: One super fast instance was recorded at just ~18 hours. Varies by speed.
The charges vary, negative or positive or both.
Mind-bogglingly detailed data is available online for all of it, just not made super easy or standardized yet to pull or process.

@ RachelDLS
"Allergic to the 21st Century". Beats my "allergic to velcro" problem. Thank you for that. :)

> "Correlation does not imply causation"
We were all born as scientists. I noticed that knocking my food onto to the floor from the high-chair correlates with mom's distress, but correlation does not imply causation so therefore just keep doing it?
Usually in saying this dismissive token, it is a way for people to devalidate a theory as meaningless so they need not gather information. It's like saying, just because geomagnetic storms hit us a few days after CME's (correlation) does not mean the sun was responsible (cause). Money doesn't cause happiness. Reply: Neither does poverty.
Part of the scientific method is to observe something, form a hypothesis, gather information and in that, correlations are important, then next steps, further analysis, measurements to verify can logically be more cost effective, targeted. You don't just dismiss them. To chide the gathering of information and sharing/publishing a potential conclusion--to criticize that--is the opposite of science, it's anti-science but makes people feel lofty.

I told my gf a test showed me to be borderline Aspergers. She's Brazilian and replied, what is Asparagus Syndrome?

Adding your seizure records as a column to online CME data (and/or geomagnetic storm data), precise correlation values can be obtained quickly with `pandas` corr() method. I use python. Start with csv, use pd.read_csv(), then corr(), should save newbies some time.
One difficulty in quantifying CME's vs seizure date/time in the case of delay (material reaching us over days vs the near-instantaneous electromagnetic pop at the time of the solar event) is that they sometimes thump more directly against the magnetosphere (see below). "Substorms" are still a mystery for example, so correlations by scientists in the hope of understanding them lead to the launching of new satellites to take new types of measurements. This content above shows a mystery, peer-reviewed (in comments), correlations, and it merits a budget for study/measurements, the launching of a mission to understand it.

Pretty sure everyone can enjoy these two videos:

I had not connected the dots pointed out by Michael and others so I appreciate the reports. I'm fairly certain that more-seizures-than-thought relate to toxoplasma gondii in the brain, `eating` gaba (my case). Contrary to the oft-repeated 30-yr-old falsehood, you don't have to be sick or pregnant to be harmed by it.

So with Michael gimmeson's observed likely-correlation in mind, my initial hypothesis would be that the aberrant solar activity might agitate the microbes causing more movement sparking sudden cascading discharges, and/or via the unnatural chemical imbalances caused by toxo's presence in brain matter.

NOAA has the near earth data.
NASA beyond that including solar.


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Geo magnetic, storms, solar flares and he streams with low kp are the trigger for migraine and seizure.

Magnetic reconnection (Bz) is the trigger for pain and psychosis. 

This is the primary trigger for these episodes, we are a closed system, cellular damage can not mitigate the flux, this is a fact which is proven by using a zero guess chamber to prevent or stop a seizure, any cascade for that matter, including stroke. The body does not create its own medical episode from nothing, show me a medical episode where the above factors are missing.... should be easy since magnetic reconnection only happens 4 times a day and the KP is below 3 most of the time in minimum.  I have documented  thousands of cases, space weather causes all episodes... period. 


Op 26/3/2019 om 01:54, m00se zei:

the scientific metho

If I slap you in the face and cause a bloody nose you can't say that I caused it just because I slapped you. So got to love how overdone that correlation cause line is used..  used when someone does not want to engage in hypothesis or possibilities, they love to stand on the banks, sometimes they are in the stream. But like both, they pat each other on the back, while having contempt for the outsider who could not possibly know what he is talking about... nothing could be further from the truth,  we are always ahead of our time. 

Btw. Correlation can be the apparent cause when the correlation goes well beyond chance, it will take you further upstream.... Sometimes we have to take our head out of our constipated ass or nothing new will be discovered, remember nobody in the "main stream" or on the banks discovered anything. 

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