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Michael gimmeson

Geomagnetic fluctuations and seizures


Hi, we have a son who goes through really intense status seizures when there are changes in the earths geomagnetic field.  We are searching for other people who have experience with this.  Does anyone report unusual symptoms such as seizures, headaches, mania, or other neurological issues during or right after storms?  We have been keeping a seizure diary and have backlogged all his seizure events with spaceweather history to reveal a nearly 100% correlation.  Seizure symptoms occur in him instantaneously, we sometimes can tell what’s going on with the magnetosphere before it’s updated on spaceweather.  Is there anyone out there with a similar experience?



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Besides the obvious advice of seeking medical attention for this immediately, which I hope you will do if you haven't already... this is what I think:

A "nearly 100%" correlation is unfortunately not a 100% correlation; you ought to expect your discovery to be discredited immediately without more data to show actual correlation. For instance, human beings do not possess geomagnetic-sensing capabilities as far as I or anyone on Earth knows, and if there is indeed research and experimentation showing real causality in Space Weather, and not proven medical conditions, please provide such, so as to convince me/anyone to see things your way and begin moving forward with this newfound discovery. 

This log of yours uses SWL's data only, which is absolutely incomplete in terms of the information we could probe within the Earth's magnetosphere. It could also have been below 15% humidity every day your son had an episode, which would be a more positive correlation in your experiment than what it is you're attempting to prove is a causality. Science is, in part, eliminating information from the "equation" that doesn't need to be there in order to ascertain some semblance of real truth and fact; have you done that at all?

Look up: "Confirmation Bias"

In any case, get your son to a Doctor. Doctors are trained to diagnose and choose a method of treatment for countless conditions in their school of medicine. Treating seizures is more imperative than noting coincidences in Earth's geomagnetic state. After all, would you rather discover the cause of his seizures was something that was too poorly understood to be treated, or a known disease that likely can be treated?? I choose the latter!

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