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Observed connection between IMF and Earthquakes/Shakes/Feedback

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I have not taken it upon myself to gather evidence or even illustrate the concepts I am about to propose, but I wanted to drop them off here and see what anyone might think about this. I am an amateur, so hear me out:

I have been monitoring space weather on and off quite frequently, and during periods of geomagnetic disturbance I keep a close eye on how the IMF fluctuates. I saw the Trans-equatorial hole coming before it was facing us, and decided to look up what it was. It is uncommon, to say the least, but not unexpected. However, what is unexpected is the influence it is having on the direction of the IMF. One minute, it is moderately north. The next, it is moderately south, and dropping. Then, woah, moderately north.

I am separately monitoring earthquakes via "spectrographs", and local Helicorders. Well, suffice to say after a lot of close observation, there are a few things I can conclude:

Shortly following SWL updates indicating sudden and sharp shifts in the direction of the IMF, seismographic activity occurs almost globally; there is almost always feedback simultaneously around specific geographic regions. Particularly, I witnessed a moderately south-to-moderately north shift just half an hour ago, and areas such as Mount Rainier and Hawaii responded at the same time with a "chirp". In fact, there were several chirps that occurred at an increasing frequency and died off after about 4-5 occurrences. 

Now, this is what I would call "observational science", but I can see some manner of connection when observing seismic activity around Chile. Northern Chile has been quite active lately, but seems to have a pattern. Big shifts in the IMF precede seismographic feedback in Northern Chile. This may also be true of Northern Japan.

Even if you're hell-bent on believing that there is no connection between space weather and earthquakes, there may be a connection between our readings of the IMF and seismographic readings that can lend humanity to forecast an eruption or earthquake more accurately.

I obviously show my ignorance full-force here, but I urge you all to take the time to observe with your own eyes any concurrent connections between significant space weather and deep-geological activity via live monitoring tools found throughout the internet in conjunction with Spaceweatherlive.

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While I admire the effort someone put in to prove/disprove or even discover new theories, or rather, just the framework, there must be more work done. I'm very much open to debate about drawing conclusions based on a limited number of data, as well as its representation to form a conclusion about these things. We can all work together, surely in some way, to align recorded events with one another or something of a logical matter, to really crack this unlabeled can from outer space open and peer inside.

Here's just a bit of subjective wisdom for aspiring "scientists" that I think a lot of people need to read: 

We are human beings, and we make mistakes. The biggest mistake we make in science, from my personal observations, is coming to an impasse with one another. Science exists so this needn't ever happen, I believe. We research, we check, we attempt to solve and we try to share our curiosities or findings. Questions are often solved with more questions, branching out in seemingly infinite ways. Conclusions should not be rushed if we are to even scratch the surface of the unknown; attempting to solve a problem or answer a question pertaining to the relativity of one observable pattern of data to another takes a lot of willpower, because what sounds unlikely and easy to challenge probably is.

The bottom line is that we must accept questions as answers, and examine just how interconnected everything and its opposite are.

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