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The Alpha and Proton monitor is an instrument on board of the ACE satellite. Since SWPC has taken over the DSCVR satellite operations, the real-time data coming from ACE won't be guaranteed. As such, the monitoring of ACE isn't at 100% making gaps in the data as ACE is now being retired.


Once SWPC’s RTSWnet partners switch to DSCOVR, SWPC will no longer be able to offer real-time NASA ACE data.  If in the future ACE data become available in real-time from an alternate network, SWPC will continue to serve ACE real-time data as well.

So if an other network will take over the data of ACE, the gaps might be filled but as ACE is being discontinued I doubt it will be

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Hello! Welcome! I'm sorry but I do not fully understand the question? Are you having trouble interpreting the data or are you wondering why there is gap in the data every day for several hours?

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