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earth facing disc


Hi,  simple question,  hope it's a simple answer.

We're travelling around the sun at 1 rev per year, how come the views daily revolve at a quicker rate?

I watch suspicious observers every day and  I am facinated by the numerous wavelengths of energy being measured by satellites, and the inferences made by them.

A friend asked me why the sun s surface ( or earth) Is revolving so fast?

I understand we have satellites that can read 90 , 180 and 270 degrees around the sun but surely it takes a year to get to the same ish position?

Many thanks to anyone who can help me answer this or shed some light so as I can understand and explain? 


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The Sun rotates around her axis just like Earth does. Earth rotates around her axis every 24 hours and the Sun does that in about 27 days. The Sun rotates faster at the equator than at the poles but that's a different story. A Carrington rotation is roughly 27 days.

Also worth noting: when you watch videos of the Sun they are often time lapse videos. A video lasting just seconds often shows hours or even days of solar footage.

Does this answer your question?

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