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Found 7 results

  1. earth facing disc

    Hi, simple question, hope it's a simple answer. We're travelling around the sun at 1 rev per year, how come the views daily revolve at a quicker rate? I watch suspicious observers every day and I am facinated by the numerous wavelengths of energy being measured by satellites, and the inferences made by them. A friend asked me why the sun s surface ( or earth) Is revolving so fast? I understand we have satellites that can read 90 , 180 and 270 degrees around the sun but surely it takes a year to get to the same ish position? Many thanks to anyone who can help me answer this or shed some light so as I can understand and explain? G
  2. So I did a little searching and came across this The Great Conveyor Belt Anyone know about this or could explain it? Also I just noticed after I posted that it said "What Us" it should say "What Is" sorry about that.
  3. Active Region 1719

    SpaceWeatherLive Report Analysis of the Solar Activity April 5th 2013   Finally there has come an end to the quiet period the Sun has been through. It came already clear yesterday when bright magnetic loops appeared on the eastern limb and a long duration C-class flare. Today this region rotated on the limb but it is not yet rotated fully into view so we can not determine the exact complexity. This evening (UTC hours) this region flared a moderatly strong M2.29 class Solar flare with a non earth directed CME. LASCO and STEREO data are not yet available to determine the details of the CME, due to the position of the flare, this is not Earth directed. And what with the other regions on the visible solar disk? Region 1713 remained quiet and retains some magnetic complexity but didn't evolve much the last 24 hours and it looks like both magnetic parts are moving away from each other. 1711 looks very much like a unipolar spot and is no threat for flares. 1715 and 1708 are almost completely disappeared after some fast growth in the past days. We can also welcome many new and yet unnumbered regions. The Sun is peppered with fresh spots but most of them are not yet big enough and won't get a number yet. One region in particular is very noteworthy, just east from 1714 is a fast growing region and caused some minor flares already and magnetically it looks like it has some minor polarity intermixing; so this one could mean something in the following days if this fast growth keeps going. What can we expect in the upcoming 24h? Because the new region is not rotated fully into view yet, it's hard to give any numbers on how much the chances are for M-class flares. Due to the flare this evening, there remains a threat for M-class flares but we'll know more tomorrow when it's rotated fully into view. M-class flare probability: 20% chance X-class flare probability: 1% chance  
  4. H-alpha Photography April 2nd

    From the album Solar Photography

    Did an other edit of the photo series that i shot on April 2nd, tried to get a bit more out of it and i think that's the case ;-)

    © Vancanneyt Sander

  5. H-alpha Photography April 2nd

    From the album Solar Photography

    Today i focused some more on my focuspoints and this is the result. Much more sharp then yesterdays version with more detail.

    © Vancanneyt Sander

  6. Sunspot regions 1476 and 1470/1471

    From the album Solar Photography

    A very big sunspot emerged on may 7th 2012. Photo taken with Canon EOS 60D, 200mm lens with solar filter.

    © Vancanneyt Sander

  7. Detail of prominence of april 5th 2009

    From the album Solar Photography

    I further experimentated with my h-alpha photography of yesterday. Got quite some detail of the prominence on the photograph :D

    © Vancanneyt Sander


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