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Found 1 result

  1. So I looked in the archive on Tromsø all-sky-camera on the night from 13 to 14. November 2012 and found something strange. NOTE: All times are in UTC! Around 22:40 a cloud of white aurora moved slowly above the sky. After midnight UTC time some strange happened: It looks like that the aurora leaved some sort of picket fence auroras several times durig the time betwen 01:00 and to 05:00. Around 03:20 and 03:40 this appeared a lot. One can see that there were a lot of colorful auroras due to the direction of IMF and strength of Bz. Is there an scientific explenation of these events? Like how does this green picket fence auroras appear during geomagnetic storms? What creates these white auroras? Are they related to STEVE? Edit: For information about the Picket Fence auroras. I just called it picket fence auroras because they reminds me about the picket fence structures that appear with STEVE.
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