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Found 16 results

  1. Ann Gutschlag

    5th Nov 2018

    the Picket fence above the milky way. NewZealand

    © A.M Gutschlag

  2. Ann Gutschlag

    5th Nov 2018

    A single beam of green in the arch. New Zealand.

    © A.M Gutschlag

  3. Ann Gutschlag

    5th Nov 2018

    Columns of Beams of colours. NewZealand

    © A.M Gutschlag

  4. Ann Gutschlag

    5th Nov 2018

    All the colours of the Aurora mixed in the Milky Way. New Zealand.

    © A.M Gutschlag

  5. Ann Gutschlag

    5th Nov 2018

    Amazing night with the Aurora so bright. New Zealand

    © A.M Gutschlag

  6. Ann Gutschlag

    Aurora and Milky Way 2nd shot

    Another shot of the 10th March 2018.. a few beams .. (Invercargill, New Zealand) .. haven't seen any Auroras since ..need my fix.
  7. Ann Gutschlag

    Small Aurora with Milky Way

    10th March 2018 A small Aurora .. I haven't seen many this year.
  8. Ann Gutschlag

    Aurora Invercargill, New Zealand 17/08/17

    The reflection of the green was so strong it was to bright for the image ... but love it anyway.. I didn't even have to leave the city for these shots
  9. Ann Gutschlag

    Aurora Invercargill. New Zealand ..17/8/17

    .Also got a Satellite and for a bit of fun Black light ... Just manage to capture the Aurora before the clouds rolled in.
  10. Ann Gutschlag

    28 May 2017

    Think we had every colour an Aurora could show us on the 28th May .. Storm. Waipapa Lighthouse .. Southland ... New Zealand
  11. Ann Gutschlag

    Steve,Milky Way and Aurora

    Amazing night 28/5/17 here in New Zealand .. lucky to see Steve too .. he did hang around for about 20min

    © Ann Gutschlag

  12. Ann Gutschlag

    Aurora in Bluff

    Aurora in the town of Bluff .. in the Southern part of New Zealand. 20 September 2016

    © Ann Gutschlag

  13. Ann Gutschlag

    Aurora at Waipapa Lighthouse

    22nd April 2017 ... Waipapa Lighthouse in the Catlins in Southland in New Zealand... best night for awhile.

    © Ann Gutschlag


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