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  1. I admittedly don't understand the physics behind Space Weather, but for at least 10 years I have been keeping day planners noting that day's activity and various symptoms. These symptoms can range from night sweats, to insomnia, to arthritic knee pain flareups, to teeth gritting, to a white coating on my tongue (increase in bacteria, thrush ruled out), to feeling agitated or overly emotional. I could go on and on. I should also note that I have epilepsy. After a while, myself a skeptic at first, I could not deny noticing a definitive correlation. In fact, if you were to lock me in a room, I could tell you when something significant was occurring or about to occur. CIRs, for instance, trigger night sweats for me. I would welcome the opportunity to prove this...a medical researcher along with an expert on Space Weather. I've noticed research indicating a correlation between heart attacks and strokes. And it dawned on me one day that a healthy woman's menstrual period, we are told, 'averages 28 days'. Mine were always 27 days apart, and it takes the sun 27 days to make one full rotation. Coincidence? We're electrical creatures, powered by the sun. We have long known that the tides respond to the moon. Might medical researchers be overlooking something 'key'? I see so little research being done on this, and practically none in the US. I also am concerned with the increase in manmade EMFs...now microwaves from cell phones, wifi, and so forth. Could we eventually confuse the sun? My thinking is that the sun is our friend, here to keep every living thing healthy. What do you think?
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