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  1. Marcel de Bont

    Magnetic Pole movement and aurora forecasts

    I actually do not know what exact location NOAA uses for the magnetic north and south pole in their models. These poles are indeed on the move all the time and do affect the location of the auroral oval. @Vancanneyt Sander might know.
  2. It looks like a small sunspot region popped up at a remarkably high latitude on the Sun's far side. Not only is this likely a sunspot region that belongs to the new solar cycle 25, it also popped up inside the northern hemisphere polar coronal hole at a really really high latitude. I do not think I ever seen a sunspot region at such a high latitude before. Anyone else who can recall ever seeing a sunspot region at a similar latitude so close to the Sun's north pole? If it´s not a sunspot region, what else could it be?
  3. Marcel de Bont

    Zero KP index and insomnia

    I've been sleeping great. What makes you believe that low geomagnetic activity and insomnia are related?
  4. Marcel de Bont

    Opvolging van een coronaal gat.

    Als een coronaal gat centraal richting ons staat duurt het ongeveer 2,5 a 3 dagen totdat de eerste zonnewind aankomt op de Aarde. De breedtegraden op de Zon waar het coronaal gat zich bevindt speelt een rol (transequatoriaal?) en hoe groot is het coronale gat? Wat voor geomagnetische condities veroorzaakte het gat tijdens de vorige rotatie? Wat voor zonnewind waardes werden 1 weekje eerder gemeten door STEREO A? Dat zijn de punten waar ik op let.
  5. Marcel de Bont


    Still a bit early to say but it looks like there is still something left yes. :)
  6. Marcel de Bont

    Do we have a hi lat SC25 spot?

    Hello and welcome. Sure looks like it! Opposite polarity from SC24 spots in the northern hemisphere and located at a high latitude. Ticks all the boxes of what could be a SC25 sunspot!
  7. Marcel de Bont


    Webcams page The webcams or all-sky cameras page has been updated a little while ago. Broken URLs were removed and new ones are added. We also ranked the cameras according to where they are in the world. Click on the country you like and a drop down will collapse and show you the cameras. Do you know of a northern lights/aurora camera that isn't listed. Let us know! Magnetometers page The magnetometers page was also updated with some little more background information about the magnetometers and the CANadian Magnetic Observatory System was added. TheCANadian Magnetic Observatory System also replaced the North American stack plot on the front page. Under the hood we added some tweaks to ensure that large graphs are displayed better on smaller resolutions.
  8. Marcel de Bont

    Smartphone Detection of geomagnetic storms

    Welcome John. I would agree with John. While I have no idea if it is possible or not to detect geomagnetic storms with a smartphone, I can imagine it is not an ideal way. The magnetometers that I know of at least are buried under the ground to prevent any kind of outside influences. Even temperature differences can upset the readings.
  9. That is correct. The finalized for example Kp-index is expressed in thirds: 3- 3o and 3+. 3P in decimals would be 3.33333 or 3+. Hope that makes sense.
  10. Marcel de Bont

    Opiniones sobre qué pasará con el gran PANSSTAR 2017/S3 CUANDO LLEGUE AL SOL

    What do you want to know exactly? What the comet will do to the Sun or what will happen to the comet?
  11. My personal experiences are the same. I've seen a lot of aurora outbursts that start at higher latitudes and expand southwards over a span of several minutes.
  12. Marcel de Bont


    USAF WING KP MODEL REMOVED FROM SWPC WEBSITE The NOAA SWPC has discontinued their support of the USAF Wing-Kp model. The Wing-Kp index and was used extensively on SpaceWeatherLive back in the ''good old days'' as it was very easy to implement and it had a unique feature that provided a prediction as to what the Kp will be in the near future. However, as most of you are aware, we always had a love-hate relationship with this model as the predicted Kp-values were sometimes way too high or lagging behind as a storm suddenly increased in intensity. It was not the greatest way to predict auroral activity according to our experiences. About one and a half year ago, we ditched the Wing-Kp index in favor of NOAA's own Estimated Planetary K-index for our alert system so the Wing-Kp index was hardly used anymore on our website apart from a graph being present at the bottom of our Kp-index page. Now that NOAA discontinues their support, the graph there will be removed soon. For more details please read NOAA's news item on the NOAA SWPC website.
  13. Kiruna sloeg inderdaad ver uit afgelopen nacht maar de Kp-index bleef steken op 5. Was een vrij onverwachte kans en de nachten zijn nu erg kort, vermoed dat er niet veel poollicht jagers alert waren maar ben benieuwd of iemand iets gezien hebt!
  14. Marcel de Bont

    Sunrise photo question

    Hello. My guess would be an optical illusion created by your lens. Perhaps moisture or something that accumulated on your lens.
  15. Marcel de Bont

    X‐Ray Dropouts?

    Correct. The Earth comes in between the Sun and the GOES satellites for a short period once a day around the spring and autumn equinoxes. This means GOES can not see the Sun and measure it's X-output. It's as simple as that.

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