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  1. Kaimbridge

    Recent Cycle #25 Sunspot

    Another good site is Jan Alvestadʼs Solar Terrestrial Activity Report (“STAR”), which provides a rigorous numerical summary and descriptive analysis, including his own region designations/spot counts, alongside government published data.
  2. Kaimbridge

    Discrepancy In X-Ray Data?

    Yup, I see the corrected Saturday values (though Wed-Fri is still jumbled, too! P=| ).
  3. Kaimbridge

    Discrepancy In X-Ray Data?

    Well, SWPC appears at it again: For the past three days they have been graphing GOES‐15 data, but quoting GOES‐14 flare values (yesterday—Fri.25th—they listed the peak flare as B1.2 @ 2222z, which was GOES‐14...GOES‐15 peaked then at A7.1, as your moving “bubble cloud” tracer graph properly listed—though the blackline flare data is GOES‐14ʼs B1.2! So, if it continues today, the 1322z flare will rightfully show “C5.02” (GOES‐15) with the “bubble cloud”, but the blackline of the flare will give GOES‐14ʼs “C4.73”! P=/
  4. Arenʼt they just roundings, where “M”inus is less than, “P”lus is greater than and “Z”ero is equal: E.g., “1.667,'2M'” means actual value is 1.666667 rounded up to 2 (so the actual value is less, or minus); “4.333,'4P'” is 4.333333 rounded down to 4 (actual value is greater, or plus); “3,'3Z'” is exactly 3.0? ~Kaimbridge~
  5. Kaimbridge

    X‐Ray Dropouts?

    Whatʼs with the daily x‐ray dropouts? Is this related to the annual, daily satelite spring blindspot period? That usually just lasts for a week or two, and these dropouts have been going on for almost a month! I donʼt see any advisory at SWPC.
  6. Kaimbridge

    Gran llamarada solar el próximo 8 de marzo

    Right, and they admit that this would be the third such storm this year...and, as far as I can tell, the world as we know it hasnʼt ended! P=)
  7. Kaimbridge

    Gran llamarada solar el próximo 8 de marzo

    Looks like this is the story he is referring to: https://tech2.org/venezuela/strong-magnetic-storm-will-hit-the-earth-on-march-18 https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/685387/Magnetic-storm-Earth-March-18-Russian-Academy-of-Sciences-radiation Isnʼt this just a prediction of a known recurring coronal hole?
  8. Kaimbridge

    Discrepancy In X-Ray Data?

    Yeah, the Dec.9 archive showed up sometime yesterday afternoon (EST)...but the Dec.8 archive is still missing. P=| Okay, it is there now (did you just do something, or was it only coincidence? P=).
  9. Kaimbridge

    Discrepancy In X-Ray Data?

    Well, canʼt you just allow the tags that are used above (I donʼt mean total source code, just the ones to be able to manually do the functions above: The automatic WYSIWYG posting can be difficult to edit/delete...such as when I pasted the solar flare quote below the image above a second time and then tried to delete it—the contents deleted, but not the table it posted it in, itself)? BTW, how come no archives for the past two days—is that your doing or NOAAʼs (I know their ftp server seems to be down)?
  10. Kaimbridge

    Discrepancy In X-Ray Data?

    Solar flares Region Start Maximum End 2690 B1.0 03:20 03:23 03:28 Well, looks like they decided to use the secondary data:
  11. Kaimbridge

    Discrepancy In X-Ray Data?

    Thatʼs because it is your site ?—I took three screenshots and combined the relevant parts into one concise shot (flipping the bottom line of the 17:50 flare bubble)! ? As for the color scheme, yes, I use the inverse white on black. as it is easier on the eyes. ? BTW, by including the full flare spectrum up to the unthinkable X100, you eliminated the “Reset Zoom” getting in the way of the flare bubbles! ? A suggestion: Why not add dim colors to the C, B and A chart ranges, too—say, something like light aqua blue (#8FFFFF) for Cs, light lime green (#B0FF50) for Bs and light gray (#D2D2D2) for As—or, at the very least, darken the B and C boundary lines? ?
  12. Kaimbridge

    Discrepancy In X-Ray Data?

    Is there a reason that the largest flare of the day is maxed as B4.5 at 17:48 (rather than B4.9 or B4.8, as the chart shows it should be at that time?), and not B5.0 or B4.9 at 17:50 as appears to be the case? Or is this another “NOAA mistake”? ? ?
  13. Kaimbridge

    Subnotable, Active (South) Polar Region?

    If it was a new region (and Iʼm not arguing that point...I have no clue! P=), why wouldnʼt it be from the new cycle—donʼt the new regions of a new cycle start near the poles, then as the cycle progresses, start closer and closer to the equator?
  14. Regarding the M4 April Fools flare, look down near the south pole: There appears to be a little cluster of flare activity, with at least one—albeit weak—mid to high A or low B flare? Would this be a low grade/subnotable high latitude region of the new cycle, or just normal, perculating, flaring flux that occurs at the poles? Or is it actually part of the M4 flare—one of those “connector flares”, that appear to erupt at two distinctively different areas of the sun at the same time, like they are connected, somehow, subterraneously?
  15. Kaimbridge

    Archive Suggestions

    I think the problem is the “no-cache” affects the redirected page, not the redirecting page...but, no big deal, now that I know it is just a cache issue that can be easily worked around by opening the redirect in a “private window”—the only thing is, as this just started out of the blue last week, is it just me (quite possible) or did something happen to the website and this is just a symptom of a bigger issue??? Right, the max value for the given calendar, archive day. It could be either as a text box and/or a plot on the graph (like with the noted flares).

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