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  1. Why are the pics of the sun just black ? On the main page ?
  2. Id rather trust these people on here then someone who thinks the sun supernovas.... thank you tho lolllll
  3. It was a way to explain how i felt... thanks for the info there professor lol
  4. Thanks alot guys... i try to educate myself but its always the what if that gets me i know that it cant happen and it wont happen in my life time ... think of it this way your on a ship and everyone says the ship cant sink? But what if it does? Theres no life boat? Theres not way to escape if it happens (sorry for getting so deep) Thats the best way i cant explain it...anyways thanks again youve helped me today trust me.
  5. Sorry for asking this question but is there any chance the sun could explode in our lifetime? Or send a solar flare that woukd burn the surface of the earth... again sorry for such a question. Thank you
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