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  1. I, too, have this anxiety sometimes. I think its because I began "observing" solar activity late and I am still learning new things. I trust the "experts" to make sense of things and that I can learn from them. As some have mentioned, sometimes the anxiety and fear comes from lack of knowledge. I am ready to learn as we watch this solar cycle begin.
  2. I am referring to the stereo ahead sunspot. I will definitely stay tuned in to this one. Its been too quiet
  3. Anyone monitoring this? Looks to the biggest of sc 25 (so far)
  4. The filament apparently erupted earlier today. They're still seeing if a cme is headed our way I cant see much on lasco yet
  5. Gotcha. I guess I hadn't see that term used before. 2765 has been interesting to follow in terms of development.
  6. Spaceweather.com has an article describing a magnetic "tail" following the sunspot that could explode. Is that a filament? What is the significance of this? https://spaceweathergallery.com/full_image.php?image_name=Efrain-Morales-Rivera-SUN-2020-06-05-1534ut_Ha_EMr_1591408930.jpg
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