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  1. I wasn't monitoring the sun around the SC23-SC24 minimum so I wouldn't know this, but how is SC24-25 minimum compared to the SC24-SC25 minimum, and if everything lines up between the months, which month would be the nadir and which future month would be in place where January 2010 is? Assuming nadirs are December 2019 and August 2008 respectively. Do you think that this current minimum is going to end quicker than the previous.
  2. I know solar activity is very hard to predict, but when do you think we will see a significant increase in solar activity from now?
  3. There's an active region with a decent sized spot rotating around the east limb at high latitudes, definitely is less decayed than the other region when it was rotating through the east limb.
  4. I have been watching the Sun for over a year now and I have noticed that during the summer of 2019 we had a few small sunspots form on the backside and die before they went over the east limb, and we have been seeing this again over the past month or so and I am curious whether we will get as many sunspots on the earth side as the far side. I am also curious whether there are causes to this.
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