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  1. The solar wind acts like a broom sweeping cosmic gamma radiation away from our solar system. When the sun is producing sunspots, the solar wind stays strong and constant. The past 11 years the sun has not produced very many sunspots, leaving the solar wind spotty if best. Point, that's why it's important to go over this data all together. It's IMPORTANT. We all know what gamna radiation is and what it's affects are. (I HOPE) Robert Todaro
  2. What makes you think what makes you think no is the correct answer? Because I find that the beat rather narrow. And medical science proven a long time ago that radiation it's no good for cells and DNA. Then why are pilots listed as high radiation risk Agreed,
  3. The 11.09 solar cycles must have something to do with weather on the planet. when the sunspot activity is high life is good all cells get charged. When sunspot activity is at a low like it has been this decade, life well not so good. As the sun drives our life. The magnetic field issues during long periods of time with low solar activity is something that's needs deeper and more serious study.
  4. Im sorry dissagree. It's long known that cosmic radiation has an effect on pilots and astronauts. And what the magnetic field and the solar minimum with the magnetic field the Magneto sphere being in a weakened state. The solar wind being at low density and speeds. The solar wind and the sun's magnetic field deflect Cosmic radiation. But when the solar wind is in a low solar wind because of solar minimum them cosmic rays were not getting deflected. So cosmic rays enter our solar system and into our planet ionizing are upper atmosphere called the ionosphere. Mixing with hydrogen oxygen helium and I believe nitrogen giving the ionosphere an extra dose of ionization. Nucleation of clouds. The studies have been well-known since the 90s. And cosmic rays is at an all-time high at 18% Biological Sciences. Cells DNA COSMIC RAYS EFFECT E-Rad Spaceweather.com e-rad
  5. Love the topic I like how some professor. I like how some professors are coming close to predicting earthquakes with geomagnetic storms
  6. Is Atlas Commit going to be a close call. Is, at least half the size of the sun what do you guys think.
  7. Rob Todaro


    Birkeland currents
  8. 11.09-year cycle between max sunspot and min sunspot activity. Every 22 years the sun magnetic field reverses polarity. The sun is bright because of its solar irradiance. As far as I understand. Dr. Tabitha Skov So procession 72 year 1 degree and obliquity the Milankovitch cycle doesn't count in.
  9. Thank you for this education sight. It's so important. Rob

  10. Yes the sun is much brighter.
  11. Hi all, my understanding of biology and and microbiology, cosmic rays high energy (gamma)particles change DNA over time. This is something that should be more studied. Science has known that gamma radiation affects asternots, pilots. With gamma radiation(call it what it is) at it's an all-time high. We have to look at this with reason logic and what science has already proven with the effects of gamma radiation. I do believe it requires more deep exploration study and research. With a weekend magnetosphere, all things are screaming at me that we are at the beginning stages of effects. About the virus REMEMBER CGI computer-generated Imaging is pretty dang good. Understand we can be tricked easy if not paying attention. Thank you Rob
  12. All I can say is that I am not a beginner understanding this science. I hope all try to dive into understanding the technology and things science of things that surround Our Lives. Understanding how the dynamics of our planet and surroundings work, is more important then ever. I have been lucky enough to have great teachers and professors to guide my way to understanding. Thank you Robert Todaro. The sun has been in a deep solar minimum for the last decade, in 2012 it woke up a bit. Your not seeing solar flares because of solar minimum. But hang on the sun is getting close to solar cycle 25. So true let's fix it education has been squashed.
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