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  1. Our atmosphere is comprised of living microbes. These microbes are a necessary part of building and maintaining our planetary atmosphere and play a vital role in filtering out harmful radiation. Technologies like HAARP, weather modification and chem trails, are killing these microbes. This is why the sun appears whiter than normal and is a primary cause of the holes in the atmosphere. The necessary role that these microbes play in our creational design system is what protects living things on this planet from too much incoming radiation. The more their numbers decline, the whiter the sun looks (indicating over-exposure), and the more living species it affects. With this realization, it would be wholly inaccurate to refer to the resulting damage as any kind of disease when it is actually blatant interference in the circle of life on this planet. Therefore, the sun is not the cause of the problem or the disease. It would be far more accurate to call it “a disease of ignorance,” brought to us from a group of psychopathic and out-of-control elitists living out their version of a “God Complex.” The bleaching of the world's coral reefs is a primary example of interference not from nature but from something much less benign. The quality of our atmosphere has not changed because of natural cycles. There is nothing natural about a small handful of narcissistic and psychopathic power mongers trying to play God by weaponizing and controlling every natural system that they decode the inner workings of. It is entirely unnatural and consummately detrimental to all living things to allow this type of power to remain in the hands of "people?" who have sought to decode these life support systems, not in order, to give life, but to take it—at will. Additionally, the larger the system that they have control over, the more people (and other life forms) are affected simultaneously. Aside from global water sources, the atmosphere of the planet is the largest overall system being controlled or “forced out of nature's control.” Therefore, anything is possible when it comes to the manipulation of life and death on a planet that is being run by Anti Terrestrial predators masquerading as her indigenous life forms.
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