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  1. Will you publish an article about it in the next day or so? I dont know what to expect from this. I looked at SDO and saw + - + polarity, idk really what that means. Mmmh, lets wait.
  2. Same as Maxime Fiset. Its much less scary when you know alot about it!
  3. Thats my Twitter Account Thanks for Noticing me, heheh ❤️
  4. I must say, i really love how ya'll responded to my little Thread. Its always nice for me to wake up and read the thoughts and theories! Thank u all!
  5. I checked the Kyoto Page a few times, and theyre jacked up too. On Spoaceweatherlive.com its around -10nt more jacked up though.. But i cant find a source youre getting the data from. This is going on for almost 3 Days now.. Weird :/ While noaa isnt saying anything about it and Solar Wind conditions are really really calm.
  6. I didnt mean something that arrived, i meant something that will maybe arrive! But Swpc and Nasa didnt really run an Enlil-Run.. I dont know what to expect, if to expect anything at all. Thats why i asked if someone has a prediction/opinion! Thanks for the Answer anyway, it was really informative
  7. You can see it in SDO Aia 191 and 193! Its a small one and not really wide, so it most likely wont spark any aurora..
  8. Thanks for the Answer! In the newest Enlil Run, there is a small impact expected. But sadly Noaa isnt saying anything. :/ How come the Cme is not visible in Lasco btw? Sorry for the many "dumb" questions. Im just so willing to learn
  9. Hey Friends! 😇 I saw this Post on twitter. Do you think the "cme 0" will impact us? Im a beginner so i try to school my forecasting. I think it looks really not dense and fast.. Lasco c2 seems to have not picked it up, and NOAA isnt talking about it. What do YOU guys expect ? I'd be thankful for your Opinions and help!
  10. It did not really erupt, it rather collapsed back onto the Corona and was reabsorbed
  11. Hey dear Readers Today there Is a High solar Wind density, its near 30 right now! But the IMF and the Solar Wind Speed are relatively quiet, how come? Is it a CME? an SSBC? Noaa doesnt even mentioned it in their Forecast.
  12. Hey Guys. A little Question : What does this striped line beside Region 2765 mean/resemble in the Solar Synoptic map? I tried looking for it in their About and History section, but only found a legend for Plages and Filaments. https://imgur.com/4vyqFPw Here you can see which ones i mean! PS: Do you think it will grow further or decay soon? does it still look simple? (To me it still looks simple because alot of it is Plage according to SDO)
  13. Thanks Vancanneyt! By the way, do you need help with German translation of the Site? Im fluent
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