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  1. I have been theorizing for many years many different things and I have figured out some of Einstein's equations in the last week easier than breathing. This might be part of the ongoing, Scientific evidence that I have had that to suggest that the pole reversal that Earth has been long overdue plus the recent core drillings into the asteroid belt, The moon of Mars, and our own moon... indicate that there is actually a galactic rotation. With main parts of the unknown Universe are once again coming around and Since the Verbal traditions were written The Generally Observable Dynamics of the universe were mistranslated and the Bible has Yeshua Noah and Moses and they are old references to saying yes, no maybe so and like Einstein new 9 (German for No) represents that you cannot go backwards in time that you can only go forwards like the 6 intimately arguing like the 8 eight means that if you cannot see that a square on paper can be drawn also as a cube and the dimensions that you are looking for are in front of you but time is once again we are running out and the circle is coming around this time for good it seems. I have scientific evidence to suggest that there is a Star constellation called the triangle is Australia's otherwise known as the Carpenters square and that there are parts of space that contain fragile objects and the book by Isaac Newton that was written for telling the end of the world informed the years might be more like 3.14 / 365 so on. 2nd of February 2023 we might get notification that on June 16th 2023 all hell breaks loose. Einstein realized that he did not create the language in that extrapolative thinking meant that he was running out of time. He worked at the post office to become a master Communicator because he was tired of waiting for the Post like many people it was obvious in the night sky from when I was a child, but there was more going on than what we could control on the ground another new space race has become one that will save or determine whether we die on this planet the time is coming for the ark to be built and this is not a hypothetical situatio. It is a matter of time and it seems that there may be a small Galactic collision with certain oncoming bodies that I have evidence to suggest. Apparently there is a constellation or a small Galaxy named Norma. I do not remember exactly but I always joke that it seems the situation seems normal. Unfortunately this small Galaxy is said to intertwine with the Milky Way galaxy and it seems that the correlation between time and space has come around and that we are running out of time in our fragile space and the billiard ball equations. Beetlejuice may have already blinked out of existence and we are watching it as the light transmitted but is it still there? Or are we about to Blink out while we are looking at the wrong lights? It is important that I speak with people because this is not a hypothetical R and I have been talking with leading experts in my local area Municipal Police and government officials regarding updated. PowerPoint send information that has been presented to me that I am trying to prevent a local officials disaster preparation business and grills will not prepare within 3.14 - 40 years brain and it will be too late for us all as I tried to decipher the signs alone. It seems that all things will really start coming down around 2023. And notification might be given around February 2nd, but the hundred and 16th day might be an accurate interpretation for when things get real bad. And yes collaborative data does suggest that to waking solar cycle cycle 25 does imply that solar activity has a correlation between Earth shakes and the twisting for means that we are about to weaken our atmosphere and crack open the atmosphere while the sun wakes up. Correlative data suggests that the impactor that came around at the formation of the galaxies and not the mass of Jupiter itself with the calming red eyes is in fact that a collision occurred and we are about to face the remanence and that Jupiter has been sucking up matter and the asteroid belt the moons of Mars and are very Earth. Moon are evidence of a collage mix Collision that is about to come around again. So therefore our solar system is just settling down from the part of the initial formation of the Milky Way galaxy as the disk is still flattening out their arms that were spotted coming back towards us. Before the lights of the Galaxy diminished Under the technology of today. The red eye of Jupiter has finally calmed but the mass in the core remain a mystery and it is because of the absorbency of large amounts of material and the Jupiter Trojans
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