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  1. No in the previous post you mentioned that in the past different sites in different parts of the world could be different depending on the times they looked through the telescopes for spots. In this scenario, how was that handled? In my last post that was an example for this same question. I'm just trying to figure out the process on how they've recorded sunspots from different stations around the world and if they shared their results with each other, and if their results differed how did they handle the count?
  2. How would that have been dealt with in the record if Scientists in Europe had no recorded spots, however in the US there we several recorded spots? Or have they never collaborated with the data?
  3. Yea, I question some of the spots as well. For instance on Nov 14th, nearly everywhere I had looked on the internet had a spotless sun, yet Silso recorded some spots for that day. However, most people said there were some very weak spots that had disappeared during that day, and they shouldn't have been counted. My reasoning is that there would have been 54 spotless days, and would have been tied with 3rd alltime (since 1849). They need to keep the old method alive to reconcile with our past, and I don't have a problem if they have a new method with new technologies that is separated from the historical record.
  4. Hello, I've been lurking here for several months. Currently sunspot #2755 has been on the earth facing side of the sun. How is that sunspot accounted for, when I view silso they show 03 January : 14 04 January : 13 05 January : 14 06 January : 12 07 January : 17 What exactly do those numbers represent, is it the sunspot intensity? If someone can give us newbies a basic understanding it would be great. Thank you
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