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  1. Unfortunately you will need to go into the molecular biology of the magnetic field and the human being. Carrington Event happened before or after the introduction of technology? We are all connected to the sun and earth. This is fact not philosophy, right? Magnetic fields have been compromised for many years and the new Tesla tech is going to cause major illness as the magnetic field is our health.
  2. There is so much information regarding this topic and I’m so glad to see someone else interested in how cosmic rays and radiation play a major role for all life on Earth. Climate change really should be environmental change. Even E-Rad takes into account flights which are now considered just as dangerous to pilots as working in a nuclear plant. To think it cannot change or alter our cells is imo naive. Seems like common sense when understanding the incoming particles from the sun and cosmos. It’s a known fact pandemics can be traced back to a time when the solar cycle is weak or in a grand minimum for a length of time.
  3. Hi again Christopher. Can you please show links from credible sites that cosmic rays or secondary cosmic rays do NOT play any role or trigger a deactivation for dormant viruses? I think it will help or at least point to the site where you get your updated information as science is always learning and changing. From what I have researched it’s well known that radiation can and does induce mutations. Doing a quick google search I notice many agreeing with the OP. The Journal of Climatology & Weather Forecasting states climate change manifestations do present itself in many ways and disease outbreak is one of them. “Once the cosmic ray intensity increases locally it has the potential to mutate the skin cells of the human being to make it vulnerable for the H1N1 viral infection”. This paper was published in 2014. Physicsworld.com has one from April, 2018 leading header states, “Cosmic Rays linked to increase mortality”. From Phys.org in March of 2019 the leading header states “Dormant viruses activate during spaceflight”. A paper published in 2011 from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health leads with “Effect of Solar Particle Event Radiation on Gastrointestinal Tract Bacterial Translocation and Immune Activation”. Google Scholar has papers on this subject as well. One is from Flu.org. “Searching of Main Cause Leading to Severe Influenza A Virus, Mutations and Consequently to Influenza Pandemics/Epidemics.”
  4. Michelle, I’ve been in conversation for many years with people that believe they know everything because science says it. If it weren’t for the great thinkers thinking outside the box we would not know half of what we think we know in the science community. I have seen claims both on your end and Christopher’s end and both are based on speculation of what we think we know. Knowledge is always evolving. Unfortunately the scientific community is political and there seems to be a not going against the grain until you can mathematically prove a claim. Even then, it’s all up for discussion. Never should a discussion of knowledge get to a point of cutting each other’s intellect and that’s exactly what happens when dealing with certain personalities in the science community. The experience is disheartening when trying to hold an intellectual conversation. Keep thinking outside the box as you know what you know and do not need another’s approval. I appreciate everyone’s insight on this forum and believe if people were nicer to each other even with a difference of opinion it opens up great dialogue to learn more. In order to be a good teacher you have to be a student also. A lot of times these personalities do not want to learn anything new. They stick with the peer political groups and regurgitate the old ways of thinking which again is disheartening but until people like you prove them wrong it’s the same ole same ole conversations of prove it with citations. Many scientific papers written a decade ago have evolved so I don’t see the need in citing when knowledge evolves with man and with time. Just wanted to say again I appreciate your thinking. I’m not looking for any discourse as the Universe is far more magical than a narrow mind can understand. We can clearly observe the archetypal world is a language of its own within the symbolism of patterns from the cosmos. Meaning we all speak the same language but we have yet to understand the meanings. Until then, it’s a language of circle jerks. Kindness goes along way when trying to understand one another and how we perceive the light of the cosmos and so one last time I say to you thank you for being brave and assertive with your position. ✌🏼 ❤️
  5. The last two sentences made more sense than any of your posts I’ve seen thus far. It holds more truth than maybe you realize. To deny anything is possible, is to be ignorant. Dancing all around with words, trying to make sense of our universe with a perception not open to design and magic is where we differ. Astronomy is deeply embedded with superstitious names and characters of mythology. They tell a story and it’s safe to assume you have never had your natal chart read with an intuitive astrologer. The light brings with it information and we know this. This knowing brings with it experiences which are encoded in our DNA. Being open to discoveries beyond your imagination will allow you to see the bigger picture whereas your bias doesn’t get in the way of truth. That’s all I will say other than discussing the subject where you agree and leaving comments of distraction at the door seems better for further insight. Learning from one another is key.
  6. The Heliocentric animations show me Mercury and Venus are 3 degrees apart between now and the 11th. Evening of the Solar Orbiter launch 🚀 there appears to be an issue with communications. We will see.
  7. It’s sentiments like yours which keep a field in stagnation because of preconceived beliefs and bias. If you do not understand how Astrology fits in, time will show you. If you cannot understand the ancients used mathematics and astrology as a science, or understand how it worked so well that physicists are understanding what they knew, you’re being too biased with your studies. It’s never a pleasure when I meet people like you online. It makes me sad for the human race. To quiet someone like me by talking down as if I don’t have intellect or feelings, is disheartening as well. To have a conversation about seismic activity and unseen realms must freighten you? Dark matter isn’t so dark and energy fields are making themself known. Time will show you that you didn’t know all that you thought you knew. ✌🏼
  8. We are aware of the different seismic channels, I’d imagine. Please join the discussion if you’d like but there isn’t a need for input not within the scope of the original post. Trump has nothing to do with it, for sure. ✌🏼
  9. Yes he is 😂 Keep digging, time will tell all. So, do you also see any pattern with Solar activity and or moon correlation there, or no?
  10. Totally agree and I’ll add, Mercury is a game changer. My opinion of course.
  11. As an Intuitive Astrologer what I see coming in February is a little bleak with our leaders, the earth, and now with your data thrown in the mix it’s challenging my psyche to see what I see there. Full moon in Leo/Sun and New Moon in Pisces/Cosmic Love which signifies Trumps ascendant and descendant. Although he descends into Pisces on the cusp of Aquarius where his fortune or what I call a “bulls eye”. Oddly enough when I pull all 50 points his points look like a diagram of a 6 pointed star. 😯 This is only the surface of what all I’m uncovering. Its way too deep and rich in mysticism and symbolism. Just wouldn’t be appropriate for this forum. But trust me... I’m following what all you guys are putting here and trying to make sense of what I see as well. So thank you for opening up my position here with what is being revealed to me via Gnosis. I agree 💯 something could erupt the next two weeks. Time will tell.
  12. Did you happen to check and see what the other planetary spheres were doing with the new moon quake theory? Just curious to know that info. Puerto Rico’s swarming again. This Feb full moon in Leo and new moon in Pisces is quite the combo considering Uranus is in Taurus signifying the Earth and abrupt change.
  13. Good Job OP! Thank you for taking the time to lay it all out on the line here. I’m coming from a pov of Astrology and the years of studying the Sun intuitively as well as scientifically. We can see Puerto Rico is unsettled this morning and still is shaking. Looking at the reports of who felt it there is a lot of fear as one can imagine. 😔 The energies around us are powerful right now. The bombardment of solar and space weather before a lunar eclipse plus these conjunctions in Capricorn could indeed make the earth and its inhabitants a little uncomfortable. 😳 Its honestly a waiting game for me at this point.... Waiting to see what kind of hell breaks loose. Thank you again for sharing!
  14. Hey Artist, I was referring to the interstellar medium. Happy New Year !!
  15. I appreciate the great thinkers on this site. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁
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