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  1. Good Job OP! Thank you for taking the time to lay it all out on the line here. I’m coming from a pov of Astrology and the years of studying the Sun intuitively as well as scientifically. We can see Puerto Rico is unsettled this morning and still is shaking. Looking at the reports of who felt it there is a lot of fear as one can imagine. 😔 The energies around us are powerful right now. The bombardment of solar and space weather before a lunar eclipse plus these conjunctions in Capricorn could indeed make the earth and its inhabitants a little uncomfortable. 😳 Its honestly a waiting game for me at this point.... Waiting to see what kind of hell breaks loose. Thank you again for sharing!
  2. Hey Artist, I was referring to the interstellar medium. Happy New Year !!
  3. I appreciate the great thinkers on this site. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁
  4. Hi Michele, All you have mentioned, I agree with and appreciate your thoughtful posts. Im highly interested in hearing what you find with the Maya calendar via alignments as they were well equipped with wisdom. I do Astrology Natal Charts, however I use the geocentric- placidus. Uranus entered Taurus in May 2018 and will go direct on Jan 10th 2020. Does that figure into your calculations? My software states “the earth will shake” on this day, Jan 12, 2020 for every chart I cast. I don’t read that part to my clients as I’m not sure how to explain the softwares interpretation of a literal shake of the earth 😂 For me I continue to think the ISM is causing a shift in the solar system and planetary objects as well. The core of the Earth and the Core of the Sun interrelates somehow, someway. We will find it because Pluto will allow us to uncover the truth. 😉
  5. When I stated we are coming into a time of conjunctions I should have clarified the dates to save you the trouble. My apologies. Per Astrology we are in Capricorn season and not only that this year we have a “stellium”. When all of these planets come together in one sign it’s impressionable not just for the individual but also for the collective. What I have noticed throughout the years is although these conjunctions happen on an exact day they are “in orb” prior which is when the energy begins to be “felt”. When reading interpretations for the 12th of Jan it literally says the earth moves on this day. 😳 So you can imagine.. When reading a natives birth chart to them I skip over that part. Jan 10-11 is the first lunar eclipse of the year. Now, I’d like to know the alignments of July 4th and 6th when California had their latest big quakes. I’ll take a look at my astrology software and let you know if I see anything.
  6. Today’s quakes are making me on edge for the west coast. We are coming into a time of conjunctions, oppositions, eclipses and if I remember correctly it’s been about 500 years since the last time Saturn and Pluto came together in Capricorn. The time was during the “dancing plague” where people literally danced to death. Strange huh? Saturn is the planet of structures, discipline, and stability. Pluto is death, change, rebirth and power. Capricorn is the Father of Time. Also, what was in conjunction of the galactic center as of late? That’s another area to take note of I would think.
  7. Same story for me. The Japan quake as well as the Chile quake alerted me to find out all I could about solar weather which I’m still educating myself with amongst many other things. 😂 I’m not interested in graphs and data for the most part (sorry y’all) only because it hasn’t proven anything yet with the Sun/Earthquake predictability. With that said it does seem indicative in this instance to be something to take note of. I notice and feel patterns. I can predict without knowing the science which bothers me. Like for instance we know Vanuatu has earthquakes all the time however when the solar density interacts with our magnetosphere it does become a precursor within a 24 hour period time to a bigger earthquake in the world. Sounds crazy maybe to some but for me Im alert to patterns. I can’t make out if this (Sun) is a calm before a massive storm or what, but big change is in the air!!! I suspect there will be a transfer of energy meaning another 6+ after the 6.8 in Philippines or they will get hit with a bigger quake. Pressure has been building the last few days though so I don’t believe it’s over.
  8. As I suspected I woke up this morning looked a USGS to see a 6.8 in Philippines and old faithful is chiming in. Two quakes 3.2 and a 3.4 which isn’t uncommon there but big enough to monitor. The Sun opened up a coronal hole, there are conjunctions and Vanuatu was on the map setting it up.
  9. I don’t know the science however the patterns I see on usgs leading to a mag 6 and higher are Vanuatu, mid 4s throughout the day, solar weather activity, and conjunctions. I’ve been on alert all day and will be again tomorrow. Never noticed if there was a new moon but I do know all these conjunctions in Capricorn are calling for a complete transformation. I’d love to know the significance of Vanuatu. That has puzzled me for years now.
  10. Thank you for the link. I went back to my research ten years ago and compared what I was 🤔 contemplating to what we know today. I’m still “feeling” this is the calm before the storm. I’d be interested to know what your views are regarding my research. I can link you to the forum if you don’t mind reading an amateur type of research. 😂 Also, saw this yesterday and I think the last sentence says it all. “ Our Sun may exit the Local Cloud, also called the Local Fluff, during the next 10,000 years. Much remains unknown about the local ISM, including details of its distribution, its origin, and how it affects the Sun and the Earth. Unexpectedly, recent IBEX spacecraftmeasurements indicate that the direction from which neutral interstellar particles flow through our Solar System is changing” https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap130924.html
  11. Yeah I’ve been surprised at some things they’ve released over the years. I do remember talking about the collapse but then quickly moved on completely forgot. I’d love the update to know what the trend has been the last decade. Did the thermosphere rebound quickly? Slower than expected? So many questions. I not only check out space weather daily but also earthquakes for the last ten years and I have noticed recently earthquakes happening in places I’m not accustomed to seeing. The recent one in France comes to mind. It’s all interconnected.
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome. I couldn’t explain it in scientific terms so I appreciate the clarity even though it was given to you. Sorry about that but thank you again for being patient in explaining what I meant. 😂 What I quoted above is what I find to be so spot on, link included. It just seems the most logical to me. Also, shouldn’t Voyager 1 be able to tell us by now what the local interstellar cloud is like in more detail? I’ll have to check to see if any detailed reports have come out yet. I believe it went up in 2003?
  13. I’ve been following the conversation in this thread and I must say it’s been a great one to follow. I love the flow and trying to uncover what’s going on with our Sun with you guys. I’ve been a “wisdom scholar” learning about the Sun and how it effects us on Earth since 2010 when the Chili quake happened. I’m an intuitive, I notice patterns. I believe we cannot say if this is the calm before the storm but I think we can say it “feels” like a deep.. deeeeep minimum. It’s definitely creating climate change on a quicker scale than we may even realize right now. My question is where is the Suns location exactly? Is it in a dense part of a cloud in the Local Bubble? Is that the culprit?
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