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  1. Hi! Im wondering why the Density of the Solar Wind today is relatively "High" with constant +10 ? I didnt hear about any Coronal Hole thats expected to impact us today nor a CME. Usually, the density is about 1-5.
  2. You were completely right! It just started sending Data again. Thanks!
  3. I just saw there was a planned maneuver on the 16th. Maybe related? Do we need to be worried?
  4. Hey! I noticed that there is no Impact/Plastic Data being send back from Stereo-Ahead since the 16th. But Coronagraph Pictures etc are coming back normally. I couldnt find ANYTHING about it except for Noaa pointing it out in their forecast discussion. Is it a malfunction? Is it sending data but its not getting uploaded? Maybe someone has more information or experience.
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