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  1. The SDO site is down. Its not spaceweatherlive.com 's fault. They just use the pictures Provided by SDO. Sometimes it happenes that the sdo site is offline. You can use helioviewer instead! Hope i was able to help
  2. MinYoongi


    Hi Guys. Today I have more than one Question. Im still new to Space Weather and it's science, so please dont get mad at me for asking "dumb" Questions or not understanding something. My first Question is : There was a stealthy CME on the 05 of January. Nasa updated their enlil, why didnt Noaa? They dont even mention it. (Its earth directed but impact will be minor) question number 2: I just saw this on Lasco C2. (pic attached) is this earth directed? It looks like it will miss to the west, but i have really big problems with reading lasco images. To this day, i still dont fully understand whats earth facing. And if it is indeed,can you tell me if it will be minor or major? I hope someone has the patience to guide me
  3. Hey Community! Me again Since I see a CME Signature in the Lasco Coronagraphes today, i wanted to ask how to tell what is earth facing and what isnt. I dont know where earth really is compared to lasco. I know its basically "our" view, but which angle would be earth facing? Ps: Has someone news and info about the recent cme puff? xx
  4. Thanks for the quick answer, Marcel! My Question is just, are the "old" readings wrong? Or has like the format changed? I mean, does the new A0,8 equal A8 from the old Geos Satellite? I hope that doesnt sounds too confusing, im originally from germany. Im rather new to all the Spaceweather Stuff, thats why i gotta learn
  5. Hey Guys! Today the Noaa Swpc switched to Goes 16, right? Since then the Solar Flux isnt around A8 anymore, its A0,1. Is that a reading mistake or did the scale change with the new satellite? If somebody could explain all the new things to me, and how to read them, that'd be nice. Thanks! Ps: i will post a picture of another graph (electron flux) and Goes16 (shown in blue) is crazy-spiking there as well...im so confused
  6. Hi! Im wondering why the Density of the Solar Wind today is relatively "High" with constant +10 ? I didnt hear about any Coronal Hole thats expected to impact us today nor a CME. Usually, the density is about 1-5.
  7. You were completely right! It just started sending Data again. Thanks!
  8. I just saw there was a planned maneuver on the 16th. Maybe related? Do we need to be worried?
  9. Hey! I noticed that there is no Impact/Plastic Data being send back from Stereo-Ahead since the 16th. But Coronagraph Pictures etc are coming back normally. I couldnt find ANYTHING about it except for Noaa pointing it out in their forecast discussion. Is it a malfunction? Is it sending data but its not getting uploaded? Maybe someone has more information or experience.
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