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  1. Science will change. All viruses are differents each others. Causation by correlation is the foundament of knowledge increasing. Who does not see is just writing in name of no-progress because you do not know what is Science. Or maybe you have to wright what you write. I know DNA enough to say that a correlation is really possible. We are connected to the Sun and DNA of Coronavirus is really similar to Human DNA, I have its genetic code. Perhaps it is called Coronavirus because there is a reason that connects it to Solar Corona. Who is against a correlation is still closing his eyes about this. He is ignorant. Trump is right, a big light stops Coronavirus spreading. But humanity is litterally in the dark. Me not. Is known that UV light deactivate some viruses...it is used in labs as germicide. It is known that solar sunspots are UV light makers. A big light is requested to humanity do increase capacity of view, and it will be
  2. Hello! Last night Sun restored a minimum of activity with a C-flare...let's wait and hope. Viruses in the air maybe are frigthtened by flares! Nice discussion here, really interesting
  3. For Sure...It has to be! It's the Hearth Wich moves the Sun and other Stars! See you soon
  4. I am thinking about something Incredible and I want to approach it in the right way. Let's taKe this as an opinion for now but I think that decreased solar electromagnetic power is touching our planet much more than we think. Coronavirus has capacity to be vehiculated by PM2.5 and PM10 pollution, maybe it is connected to it by electrostatical forces. If Sun magnetism is low on our surface the radiation could not destroy this union getting in the while a minor capacity to destroy Viruses in the air. I want to investigate better what for now is only an opinion really Rich in scientific bases. It's a fact and for sure that epidemy is attaccking harder in Cities and areas with an higher pm2.5 contaminaton index. Our Northen Italian country in the Padania valley, with its particular geography, is a place with really a Bad air during Winter. What is happened from December to magnetism of our Star keep us in a new moment because I think there are several differences with the last one. Look by yourself how pandemia is Hitting more in polluted areas with an higher letality index. In case what I say should be provated in fact we could be in front of the "judgment" of our Star because pollution by pm2.5 is a product of our global absence of sensibility to the problem. Each Increasing in pm2.5 concentratIon cause serious healty damages. This pollution can enter directly in our Polmonary cells. About this theory i take my time to validate, almost in theory because it is terrifyng also for me. Enjoy Pluton-Mars strict congiuntion, it is starting and in our time the two planets has never been so close in the sky. I will watch interplanetary field elettromagnetical reaction these days. Maybe someone could help me to investigate. It is one year and more that I watch data here http://sosrff.tsu.ru/ and what is happening now to ground elettromagnetical field is really strange and with no precedent. Maybe Planets influence life on hearth much more then we had ever thought.
  5. Cosmic rays degradation in our magnetosphere can improve mutation in DNA and RNA for several reason causing different kind of mutation. In the last solar Minimum Flu was really strong but it should be a coincidence. For sure, during a solar minimum we are less protected by The Sun, our Star. Perhaps during these periods C14 Carbon start to be in the cells in higher percentages. Topic is difficult to go on but immagine that a C element is more heavy then the other close during dna replication, the weight of DNA is different balanced causing some mistakes. Dna has several different reactions wich control replication but under this situation they could not work 100%. Ozone is maden by cosmic rays when they hit Oxygen. Cosmic rays are really importants and their role on Biology is underestimated. Pandemic explosion maybe is not caused only by the Virus but by the death of real ancient knowledges and contamination of the air by PM2,5 and PM10. Our breathe is suffering under this smog in big cities... in fact letality of the Virus in clean areas (Portugal) is really lower then contaminated nation. Viruses control nature. We like to play the higher role in this planet but we are just one specie among billions and billions. Everithing is unbalanced, nature regulates itself.
  6. Totally agree. We do not know long Solar cicles. Thanks
  7. You can find Here some data https://www.spaceweather.com/ I check every day in both sites, here and there. In my research I have found that when a big solar wind come here from Sun coronal holes the next days a big wind blow, i have observed this phenomena in Italy 3 times. One time the wind has destroyed an ancient wood with wind from NE at 190Km/h maximum speed. In the day before also the amplificatIon value depending on frequency reached a record and it was altered by Solar Wind from coronal holes wich have a faster speed. It happened on 2 November 2018. Source: https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/it/archivio/2018/11/01/fori-coronali (Big Central coronal Hole) Other record of wind Speed was maden on 23 February 2019. Two days before solar wind was refistering this data. https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/it/archivio/2019/02/21/aurora For sure there has to be a co-interation and it should be interesting to research in this direction. That Forest was never destroyed by wind in the last century...Stradivari was taking wood for violins from there. During the event Temperature of Nord Pole was strangly High. It is a problem that I cannot put screenshots of my studies. A Public database does not exist for shuman resonance componenti variance. On the 22 february was reached a really High value of AmplificatIon depending on frequency with a peak at 103hz. Does Solar wind a "transormation" in Herth wind? Probably yes. Probably weather on Hearth is depending Much more from Sun then How we believe and other big Planets and Cosmic forces has for sure a secondary role. I Hope that research will go in that direction because I have worked for "green" energy and CO2 compensation and I understood how that business world work. C02 disaster from Human being should be not so evident if we look our Star inside. C02 compensation title is on Wall Street. 5 years ago about was having a value of 70 euro/ton instead now that is 4 times reaching quite 300 euro/ton. Why this is happening if industrialized world is going to green energies? Studying hard and finding a new scientific way we will Save what is possible or we will destroy humanity by hourselfes in the game of corrupted Powers. I think we have to start to open our eyes. According to topic I think that a Maunder minimum is going to start but we have to wait to ensure if it will be on SC25 or SC26 maximum. For my personal idea we are going into a minimum now and SC25 will be Very very weak. But I could be in mistake, Sun is Sun I am Just a researcher. I am trying tu unclock a 385 years solar cycle. Last big minimum was about 350 years ago so I want to collect more Sun data before to reply with a Thesis. In case of a new Maunder type Minimum Global warming occourred till now will help umanity because a big cold will arrive and it will attuate a mitogation for the firsts cold years. We have to stay tuned and check! Have a nice day!
  8. I hope that people will open eyes about real sciences in general. Science is often and probably corrupted by power. Italy is under attack by disknowledge about a Virus who is called like the Solar Corona. I know what is happening and I will defend my nation from people who do disinformation with real information. I have references in my research that and I am not forced to put them here. This is a forum about Universe...This is not a Scientific pubblicatIon site. If you do not believe what I write you can make your research and destroy my hypothesis. Asking to delete this topix is like to try to put a stop at my words that respect everyone and my idea. I have not disrespected Anyone...There is nothing to close. Knowledge is knowledge. If you do not believe what I write find something to destroy my hypothesis and I will be happy to modify my idea and to learn something new.
  9. Wow. A neurologist that knows electricity! We could speak about a lot of topics because I Have a big theory about multiple sclerosis, electromagnetic fields and Herpes zoster...but in other topics! I write here because I think that herpes zoster is influenced by solar radiance but this is just a my idea and I do not want to open any discussion...Freedom is that everyone can believe everithing, but Truth is only one. But should be interesting to watch how varicella epidemy move during solar minimum. Sorry if you feel me hard with my words. The bad discussion just borned because I did not put bibliography about correlation between solar radiance and cosmic rays radiance on hearth surface but this connection, as I Said, is verified and it was asked to me several time just to put my words in a nebula of confusion. Also University of California is making a lot of study about cosmic rays with cosmic ballons establishing that they are increasing in percentage during absence of solar fare by solar holes. For other theories I have garphs that could change view of interations between planet in solar system. It is under eyes of everyone but nobody watch or nobody writes about. What have I to write? Ok. I think I know some secret of Universe because I decifrated them. You can believe or not, this is not going to influence my life. Some secrets are beautiful and dangerous, like when Einstein discovered how to use power of light and power of materia and world Fall in scare by nuclear bombs... If it has to be my knowledge will be for a Bright future of humanity and not to find a way to built plasma Guns. From two years I also have collected data from here (.http://sosrff.tsu.ru/) I have screenshots of event that does not have a world Public database. I have seen when last April graphics were changed to obscure the truth about an incredible and strong signal coming to us during a moment where ecliptic plane of our galaxy center where inli e with us. I have seen and I have the two Picture of the same day because that graphics were changed but in a bad way and with the refreshing of the Page the real one was shown. Something special is happening now at our solar system, I feel it and I collect scientific data that maybe no one is observing and connecting. Perhaps writing in English difficults topics is difficult for me. I am italian and I can use much more words and my way to write to be understanded... Big Signals are arriving maybe from the Galaxy Center. You can see peaks also on graphics today in the linnk. It is the Green one of 2 days ago. I cannot put my external Pictures here or everithing should be easier for me to explain.. I do not want to be bad with my words...but I do not have time to explain Basic knowledge...sorry
  10. But what do you want to know sorry? There is a Scientific evidence that low solar magnetism increase cosmic rays arriving on our ionosphere...What have I to explain? How an electromagnetic field works and what is a proton?
  11. Sorry but correlation of increasing of cosmic rays and a weak solar cycle are much more than evident for scientific community. At what level I have to explain sorry? You did not know what was a cosmic ray...Sorry you do not have scientific basis to understand and I am in difficult tu explain here please http://cosmicrays.oulu.fi What about Sun Moon and Hwrth rotating period? Do not you see the Beauty? Let study Universe if you want to know as I did and please answer in a Scientific way and notsayin false. It is Incredible that you want sources but you do not know anything deep about magnetism of Planets. I cannot explain everithing if bases are missing. Our electromagnetic field stops cosmic rays wit the Sun one. I have never sayd that cosmic rays are dangerous for life but they changes life at DNA level in a way that is still not well studied. Deposit of rest of cosmic rays in the padt was big in low magnetism period during inversion or deflection of electro-magnetic field. Our electromagnetic field is created by Sun to..I do not want to write a statement on THis. Everyone in this fields knows that solar wind and cosmic rays percentage on hearth are correlated. I think that this noise that you are making is just to destroy real theories that you do not know should be Public. No problem my friend, i take my knowledge for me (for now) and you have to know that ssually when electromagnetic field crack deep each 41000 years a supervulcano explodes and the most interested one at moment should be yellowstone with its 650k years of rithm. I am bored to reply you because I am supposition that you don't want to leave something but just to make noise. What you reply has no scientific sense, you do not know that cosmic rays and solar magnetism are connected and this is real Incredible because you are surfing on this specific site to find information. You just attack what is scientifically accepted from time...Cosmic rays are able to dissolve ice because on Poles they Fall down to ground much more and they make the troposhere hotter and they should be reAlly energetic. You do not have any scientific knowledge about this, I do not Understand what you want that I write. Your is noise, mine is Science...sorry Neandhertal man start to disappear 40k years ago after a inversion of poles and contemporary explosion of Campi flegrei Caldera. Human specie rise estinction on a supervulcano event occourred in Indonesia about 80k of years ago during a Pole inversion wich is probably connected to Solar magnetic Silence and to other factor of Universe generated probably by congiunction of planet. I do not want that you believe my knowledge, I found this source at an exexpositionposition in Milan. From the event of 80k of years ago just 16 human families survived and it is proved by genetic study on Mithocondrial Dna. I am tried to write...When I write here I think that elementar things are known... THE Artist..where are you? It were nice to share knowledge with you
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gum_Nebula This Supernova was maybe one of the biggest of recent Human age, for sure the biggest in last 41k of years Now cosmic rays reaching hearth are getting on a record, and we receive only the space noiseground...immagine if a Supernova near us explodes! Extra reading https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffingtonpost.it/amp/2017/04/24/la-fine-del-mondo-ce-gia-stata-la-scoperta-dei-ricercatori-del_a_22053221/
  13. Ok. I understand you...you are right. I will insert sources but I need time because I have written everithing with my pencil on my agenda and it is a big job to find everithing but I would like to say that if you made the right research you will find by yourself that it will be easy. This is Science also...to be stimulated to find a new view. At the end you cannot study correctly DNA without a big knowledge in Fisic and Chemestry so I hope I am asking in you with these simple words about what are my fields of knowledge. Dna built proteins in the same geometric way in wich the Sun flow around Galaxy Center with a specific proportion which is created by Jupiter Gravity and from gravity forces from other Planets in minor way and from other galaxies around here in a little way. Everything is connected But Universities teach division. I am graduated, i know how University works... I have studied elettronics and Agronomy...in Italy is requested to be able in all the scientific subjects to do it in a deep way. Universe is a big connection of elettromagnetical fields and gravital forces...like a cell where the Center, the Dna, follow basically the rue of Universe and for this reason is a Universal language. I am saying that when Finally researcher will find fossil life on Mars dept we will find the same dna structure that has possibility to code also here on hearth. A few days ago was discovered a new Virus with unknown dna but with the same language of our. From where it is from? I know evolution and in this case I think that it Came from space because Virus does not need to breath and when they are off they are liKe minerals Usually protection by a strong capsid that cab easly resist to a intergalactic travel in the Hearth of comets. This is the most probably explanation but scientific community will never allow it. In this case the scientific subject of probability will be not taken in consideration. So I will explain everithing as you are asking to me and I will do but I need time. Enjoy Universe and sorry if sometimes my words should seems hard but I was attacked for my knowledge without possibility to ask something to me in a positive way. Are you agree? I did not found curiosity in Novitiate message... Basically I have not necessity to share secrets of Universe but I would like to give you a little Pull that is under the eyes of everyone one and that nobody see: Moon and Sun coronal surface rotates on itselves in the same time? Coincidence? The Earth core of the Sun rotates in 7 days, a week, it was Discovered by Sumerians who intented 7 days week after Egiptian strange calendars. The pulsing centre of the Sun is now visibile in its nature because Solar activity Smack down. If you observe Goes 16 graphics you will notice that it Signal Pulse in 24 hours. Circadian biological ritm follow this patterns. You can check everithing by yourselves just on Wikipedia and here. I think that Basical research from our planet is really important and we do not need othere Planets where to live. We can just Save this beautiful place because in Italy we know what is Beauty and biodiversity and I hope you will Came to live one year here...later my words will be more Clear for you. Write you soon, sorry for language mistakes Its time to open our eyes. There are to much coincidence and if you are patente I can explain everithing with sources...Perhaps I am a doctor, I know the scientific world but I know also how a simple subject like Agronomy was complicated by scientific world just to create a business with Chemestry. .. Are you sure that scientific community want that everyone know the real truth? Are we sure that scientific community is directed to the truth by their respective leader? Are we sure that Scientific community is not directed to business? Me not. So I ask to who want to listen to open eyes about what is really our world now and what we are now livving. For example The world is on alarm for a cold and does not see that problem is pm 2.5 pollution health damage (i can prove also this but is off topic - Wuhan has one of the biggest pollution problem in the world and the Virus destroys the same cells damaged by pm2.5 Has a Scientific doctor sayid this? No...why?) Write you soon... Thanks for reading
  14. Hello Novitiate, I see that you like to start hard. I am not only a Plant genetist...I have studied in my life a lot of Subjects. I want to answer you because your Low astronomic knowledge does not permit to you to understand what its written in my message. Please, before to reply you have to study better and you will understand that everithing its written in my message is provable. I am not doing a pubblicatIon and I have no time to put bibliogrqphy here. I think that people who has knowledge undesrtand, others like you write your kind of messages. What do you want sorry? What problem do you have with my words? If you are not agree with my scientific view please reply at that one if you knowledge is enough or please, do not put me in a position in wich I have to write you this kind of response. Now I would like to see if you will be able to destroying my "peregrination". For example do you know how is complicated Dna? Do you know that he takes a form similar to the spyral that Sun design during iys Running in the Universe? Do you know anything about the Golden section? A nice biologist has to be first af all a Good astronomy... When you have studied DNA all other subjects are easy because it is a Universal language where you can Read, in its shadows, the Beauty of Universe. Perhaps I have never talked about human estinction but I Said about human changings but last glaciation, 120 00 years ago, ended with a Supernova and if you make a research on internet you will find. Nobody will say to you this, you have to interpolazione data, if you are able, but at that time exploded the bigger Supernova of Human recent time. Have a nice day
  15. All right, sorry if I was a little bit hard with my words but in this period its seems to be difficult to be listened by people when you are saying something True But that sounds different from the normal way to think. I am studying a lot the topic and I found interesting connection with an event in the past occorre on 10.500 b.C. interesting a big Supernova explosion. Altough I have never talked about a catastroph But only about a Human changing that should also be positive . I am a Plant genetist and I know deeply how Cosmic Rays reach with Dna. Perhaps at the moment cosmic rays are not directly landing on our planet But they "explode" and come to ground as several Muons. Just one cosmic ray each century is directly falling down on 1 Km^2. I have a my own video of an event with lightnin without thounder make during Jupiter heliocongiunction with hearth last June. In that case I think that radiation from center of the Galaxy was deviated by a moon of Jupiter and was coming on our planet. The heliocongiunction was perfectly in direction of SGR*A, our center Galaxy. I think I have some discovering that also NASA maybe should not have or would not say... I have a lot of study, graphics, explanation...Buy i am sure that if Betelgeuse collapse quantity of cosmic rays arriving on hearth will increase suddenly. I do not think they are dangerous for life Buy for sure they make changings to Dna. I think that that factor rH in Blood was selected by Cosmic rays action 40.000 years ago during a several deflection of our magnetic field. Cosmic rays are able to "cut" dna, perfectly what happened with rH factor genes... For example what I think about the event of 10.500 b.C is that it generated the Universal diluve because antartis ice struggled suddenly. Changing should be positive if Humanity is harmonic and in this case I think that only the real knowledge about happenings should prepare Humanity for a positive changing. Thanks for answering. Enjoy Universe
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