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  1. thanks The artist For 22 yr Sun cycle I think that Saturn/Jupiter influence is for sure involved and it is the most powerful combinated power governing it. I have studied enough to ensure this. I like to understand long cyrcles and try to have a prevision on big solar storm who can hit us. The next year incoming Heliocentric congiunction between Saturn and Jupiter (and Pluton) will give us a lot of new material to sudy and, I am sure, a new view on our Solar system and on its interaction with our Galaxy. A lot of "surprises" will be under our Christmas three this year and much more on the next one of 2020. (Remind: Heliocentric Congiunction of Pluton/Saturn/Jupiter/) on 21-12-2020, not a common day, a Solstice) I want to explain a little bit about Pleiades. in the Pleiades new stars are borning (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2FBF01004713) and generates a lot of flares. Anyway they are new Stars and they have a Massive elettromagnetic emission (and light to!) Have a look here what happened on 2012, during Heliogeocentric congiunction with Pleiads and other Planets I think there are two places that have to be considered outside the Solar system to understand the most long circle: Pleiades and Vega. Reason about Vega it's because it's Pole is directly directed to Solar System in this moment, if you Know Vega there are a lot of reason because it should be important (Vega is rotating at incredible velocity. But I do not to talk about Vega Now because it is to difficult to enter the topic. Pleiades are "only" about 400 yl from the Sun. It is a big mistake to not consider Pleiades in the study of prevision of CME. I have discovered a lot of thinks about them but I can convince you just with one. In 2 of the three most powerful solar storms of last two century Uranus was in Heliocentric congiunction with Pleiades. In the other one we were opposite to Pleiades respect the Sun A little report of The three bigger solar storm ever (check personally in planetary to enjoy) 18 September 1941 : Heliocentric congiunction Pleiades-Uran-Saturn-Jupiter 10 may 1921: Heliocentric congiunction Suturn/Jupiter + Approssimative Heliogeocentric congiunction Pleiades/Mercury/Venus/Mars 01 Septermber 1859: Heliogeocentric congiunction Neptune/Sun/Mercury + heliocenric congiunction Saturn/Mars/Venus + Heliocentric congiunction (10°) Pleiades/Uranus 5 hours ago, theartist said: When has it not been moving, in our lifetimes? It is just going back to where it was, yes? I looked at that issue several months ago and conclude it is over-sensationalizing (click-bait). Evaluation of the neutron monitor data will tell one whether the magnetosphere is collapsing or not. The poles may indeed flip, over several hundred years, in a few several thousand years into the future About North Pole I can be agree with you, But if our geomagnetic filed is "erosed" it will be more easy to move it. And we have to wait what is happening to Solar Poles, we are having big signals of a deep Grand Solar Minimum. In the last years speed was increased, let's wait what will happen. But for sure Geomagnetic field is connected to this events. I woluld like to write much more...I am decripting long count mayan calendar. I am quite Sure they were able, in some way, to look Neptune and Uran... but now I am tired...:) PS. Uran is entering again in Taurus, we have to wiat short time until it will be congiuncted by Pleiades! About North Pole I can be agree with you, But if our geomagnetic filed is "erosed" it will be more easy to move it. And we have to wait what is happening to Solar Poles, we are having big signals of a deep Grand Solar Minimum. In the last years speed was increased, let's wait what will happen. But for sure Geomagnetic field is connected to this events. I woluld like to write much more...I am decripting long count mayan calendar. I am quite Sure they were able, in some way, to look Neptune and Uran... but now I am tired...:) PS. Uran is entering again in Taurus, we have to wiat short time until it will be congiuncted by Pleiades!
  2. Question 1: North Pole is migrating faster and faster on the last 20 years increasing speed in these last 2 years (https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2019/02/05/earths-magnetic-north-pole-has-officially-moved/amp/) It is moving, it is not my theory. Now magnetic and geografic poles are about in the same place. Its movement was truscarable until 20 yrs ago about. My theory about is that in this cosmic age we have sensible migrations of our magnetic poles each about 41.000 years. Question 2: Basical astronomy knowledge - Little preview Uranus is the only planet whose equator is nearly at a right angle to its orbit, with a tilt of 97.77 degrees It has another SkIll. Its magnetic emission is powerful than magnetic Sun immission. Each 1 hours per day Uranus open its magnetic Field. Otherwise pleiadian wind is stopped by eliocentric current. Question 3. Yes. I think Sun is influenced by other Stars of our Galaxy. We are rotating around a Galaxy Center with big gravity and emissions from the Center. It should be normal but I think that Uran and Neptune are liKe "filters". Question 4: Pluto is little, ok, but it is enough bug to influence Neptune's orbit. I think Pluto is much more protagonist in interation with what is outside of solar system much more as we think. Look at its orbit in this moment...its position is now on the same ellittica plan of other planet. For the final consideration i think that we have to look better at our solar system to find a "clock". I think that a big unknown planet doesn’t exist because its orbit would modify to much solar sistem stability. I hope to have resolved your doubt the artist...
  3. If we observe what is happening in this period everithing seems to be connected to a really particular condition, maybe Pluton influenced to. We will have an anular Sun eclipse on 26 December and in the while or about the Sun will eclipse Jupiter and on 13 January 2020 it will eclipse Saturn. Eclipse from the Hearth of a planet by Sun means perfect helio-congiunction. In the first case we will have new moon with spectacular anular Solar eclipse (not in Italy ) and in the second one we will have full moon. Not ending on 26 december Jupiter satellite Io will be coinvolved in the congiunction in oposition respect the Sun. On 13 january Pluto will be in eliocentric congiunction with earth and saturn On 2018 Pluto has passed the ecliptic node and now will be strictly congiuncted to Saturn and quite to Jupiter. This is a topic moment for Solar system! My supposition is that we will forget Sunspots for a lot of time (maybe years) and we will start to have different wind streaming from the Sun (much more from coronal hole) and from the Universe because Cosmic Rays will find an open door to our Ionosphere. Ace docet in this moment, recording a lot of spikes. Density solar wind will be lower and lower and CME will increase in number and in power. Magnetic power of the earth will decrease and magnetic Pole will migrate faster. Cosmic rays will modify our troposhere to with C14 Carbon and they will create Ozon. If the North Pole or the South one migrate in a civilizated area there will be troubles. Possibility that a strong CME will be earth directed will be sensible increased. Jupiter and Saturn, with the rear power of Pluton (it is a X ray emitter) will be protagonist in the eliospheric current for the nex 2-3 years. But this is happening also on a normal electronical circuit when componenents are on a perfect line so I am not wondering so much. What I wonder about this topic is that accademic Astronomy seems to ignore totally this way to study what should happen with our Sun and, much more important, when. For example for the Carrington event (1 Sep 1859) we were having Uran eliocentric congiuncted to Pleiads (both have strange and powerful electromagnetic stream and peaks), in the while we have had eliocentric congiunction of Saturn/Venus/Mars and eliocentric congiunction of Neptune/Mercury with Earth around. Not a coincidence...and Uran in line with Pleiads was really interesting to analyze for a lot of scientific and not astrological raeasons. I think that connection between solar system "status" and Solar activity has to be strictly valid and studied. The Sun is magnetically "shutting down" to start with a new really long circle...we have just to understand wich one it is and how the changment will be long. Thanks the artist for your job!
  4. Thanks the Artist! You have a big knowledge... I have some difficults to explain what I would say in English because topics are difficults. With your post I understood better everithing. Thanks for the link of ACE data for 8 of August because on this website they are missing. I would like to analyze the empty space in solar density and the Spike of low energy protons. So..density peaks in ACE data are caused by cosmic rays that is different to be a specific issue. If Ace is hitted we are hitted to. I am ibserving this phenomena increasing in power from end of July. Yesterday was a day full of density peaks. Everythime peaks appears there are really little coronal holes on the Sun and this short life "spot". So in these days magnetic power of Sun should be lower around us and cosmic rays can enter better in our zone. So in this view should be possible cosmic Rays impact activated the Russian nuclear missile exploded in an accident the 8 of August. In that day (and around) Satellite Goes-14 recorded really High level of GT-2 electrons and ACE collected a big Spike on 7 August. They should be connected to a "rainy" day of cosmic rays. They should be connected to the explosion...
  5. Hello. I don't think that its possible that solar density peaks are errors of ACE how is written in the website. Other data connected to it are moving with it. Perhaps on 8 August when the nuclear Russian missile exploded the solar wind activity the day before and the day after was strange. We have no data for 8 August! Missile exploded near North Pole where our geomagnetical protection is low. I suppose This solar wind is ''light" and it is Idrogenum maken. I observed that this kind of peaks are Common when when are present really little coronal holes on the Sun Surface. I do not believe that what is now classified as a solar spot really is. I link a screenshot about elettromagnetical ground level where we can see a lot of peaks to. Other Image is about little coronal holes on the Sun today. The coronal holes in the circle are maybe generators of solar density peaks. Anyone knows what is happening? Anyone is studing what is happening? Yesterday was registered a Sunspot but probabile it was not. I suppose that Uran and other giants planets are "calling" Protons from the Sun...
  6. ! CME seems to be bigger than how was recognized. It will stroke us with an higher power than how was predicted Check at link https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/wsa-enlil-solar-wind-prediction About our topic Artist, yes, we will talk about...i have to organize a lot of material but it's simply. Basically I believe that Mercury, Venus, Moon and Earth congiunctions determinates CME directed to Other Planets in allineation moments (Planet is usually Uran that have a really strange magnetic condition). Other solar events like solar Minimum should be connected to Jupiter and Saturn wich will be in congiunction and opposition to earth next year. Otherwise Magnetic fields of Jupiter, Saturn and Uran are really big and could influence Sun in some condition (when their power is added by a congiunction) But what is interesting now is that ther is a new prediction for wsa-enlil for next days.
  7. In this year and for this incoming Solar minimum with all this CME connected to astronomy congiunctions it's not possible it is casual. It is one year that I am making a deep study. I have a lot of screenshot and thesis abut it. I would like to share. I was surprised about your post on July...we were finding the same way. .
  8. The wonderful happening is that all is clocked by Planets. This CME is directed to Uran and it is happening in the while that Sun, Moon, Earth and Urano are about along a straight line. It happened to on the middle of August and on July with other congiunctions with an exceptional situation on 22 July. Check it comparativa with wsa-enlil images. If you don't have it, ask me. Enlil was the Annunaki of cosmic wind, nice not? I can report everything but you can make your personal research...it's amazing how Planets "talk" ... I think that this slow CME will be coinvolved with coronal holes flux increasing its power. I aspect a bigger CME erupting on 3-4 November for another astronomy situation. Plasma density is really Low to. And I want to tell you that Protons peaks are not a mistake of Ace. Strange that on 8 of August when a nuclear bomb exploded we have no data. But protons peaks where intense the day before and days after. What is happening? I have some answers for right questions.
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