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  1. I am using a 10" XT10i Orion Dob. I first made the off axis aperture about 3.5", found the sun pretty bright. I reduced it to about 1.5" only and it's still bright, but not as much as was. Does having this small of an aperture ok for the sole purpose of reducing the brightness of the sun? What about the heat being trapped inside the telescope due to covering the open end? Is that of any concern?
  2. Anticipating Mercury transit on Nov.11th. My sister in law teaches 5th grade, and I told her I'd bring my telescope to her class that day to show them. My mother's side is from Belgium:-)
  3. Amazing site! I made my first solar filter with the Baader Film and viewed the sun today first time in my life. I realize we are in the middle of sunspot minimum, but can i still expect occasionally to see at least one or two on certain days? I know you can't see a whole lot using just a white light filter for the photosphere. The solar granules...i couldn't see anything but solid white. I used a 3.5" aperture on my 10" dobsonian off axis, but it seemed pretty bright to me. I stopped it down to about 1.5" aperture and it's better. Can you give me some opinions and/or advice. Thanks.. Pat
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