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  1. Adding my experience. Solar flares absolutely destroy me. I become extremely tired and have a spaced feeling. It's almost impossible to have productive thoughts and I often prefer to sleep through it when I can. When I was a young child, maybe 3yo to 6yo, I would have severe headaches when it rained. That stopped happening around 6 (may be completely irrelevant) and I'm not sure exactly when the tiredness during flares began. I have the space weather enthusiasts page on favorite and only within the last year (I'm currently 34) have I began to compare my symptoms very precisely with the flares (though I've had these strong tiredness symptoms since 20yo, possibly even my whole life without adding it up). ANYTIME there is a STRONG FLUCTUATION in the "satellite environment electron flux", I am effected (ref: https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/communities/space-weather-enthusiasts). Generally, energy above G-2 will affect me. I'm going to try decalcification of the pineal using this supplement (https://www.lifeextension.com/Vitamins-Supplements/item02040/Vitamins-D-and-K-with-Sea-Iodine) and will report back after one month at taking one per day. If you're reading this and have experienced similar, please be kind and share details. Thanks!
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