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  1. Hello ! Could a solar storm (the biggest that can be) influence really badly the earth geomagnetism ? I am wondering (for Science Fiction purpose, I'm looking for suppositions more than proof, unless proof exist ^^ ) if a major solar storm, along with low geomagnetism activity period, could pertube enough the geomagnetism to reverse (totaly or partially : i'm juste interested on the chao it would be.) ? Do we have any clue if it could happen or not ? I've been looking for information for a few days, and it seems solar activity can indeed influence geomagnetism a bit. Up to what point ? I suppose that if a solar storm was strong enought to unbalance the "machinery" of geomagnetism, it would get worse and worse after : more influence from smaller solar storm since the earth shield is fragmented, and so it goes until the earth magnetic field would be restored (inversed or not).
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