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  1. Hi Marcel, I've been following the SpaceWeatherlive website and getting its alerts for a few months now. The way we Ham Radio enthusiasts interpret the information supplied by the site is different from, for example, Aurora photographers. In general, when there's aurora around, it's bad for us as that aurora is actually the Plasma from the sun hitting the Ionosphere around the Earth which we use to bounce our short wave signals long distances off and the impact of the plasma raises the background noise level on radios, making it harder to hear long distance, weak signals. The charged Ions that come ahead of the plasma from Coronal Holes, CMEs etc. however is good news for us as the more the Ionosphere is electrically charged, the better the signals reflect. Such Ionisation normally occurs through sun spots (explosions on the sun) but as we are currently at the bottom of the 11 year long sunspot cycle, these are quite rare, so any effects such as pre-auroral enhancement are very welcome to the Amateur Radio Community, when trying to make long distance contacts on the short wave bands and spaceweatherlive provides alerts when such conditions might be occuring and hence is a valuable resource for Amateur radio. Regards Ed.
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