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  1. U totally missed the point of my post. But seeing your earlier dismissive attitude to the original post..not a surprise. LOVE is blind. That would include LOVE of our own ideas / self. Anything we LOVE, we are blind about. Not just relationships. "True love" doesn't need a word. It just is. But that's my perspective.... one man's logic, is another man's folly. One man's sense, is another man's crazy. Magnetic North moving rapidly is reported in numerous outlets - NatGeo, etc.... The video linked is just a short presentation about it....is it the cause of those specific birds dying - that is up for debate...but there are birds falling out of the sky all over the place. Animal populations are crashing (Various reasons - but one primary) and mass animal deaths are all over the place. Whales/dolphins, etc...beaching themselves....Look up MASS ANIMAL DEATHS. You might learn something, but then maybe you're not the type. Many say they are open-minded, when in fact they are closed. By the way - the word SCIENCE - is rooted in the word KNOWLEDGE / TO KNOW. So that means EVERYTHING. Not just what is "testable" or considered "science." The word has been hijacked to a narrow viewpoint. How much do you know about the language you type in? "Educated about the fields of science..." that's a pompous thing to say - you don't even know who you are talking to. Take a given subject too..and one scientist can say one thing, and another something else. How many times have people with fancy degrees or titles been wrong? Well..I'll leave it at that...and wait for another response from someone else. Maybe there won't be one. I'm looking forward to the "End of (formal) Science"....it won't be long. In 20 years that word will be obsolete... "Most Scientists" don't even understand emotions/feelings - something so basic to our existence...and that drives our logic! Can't even tell you where we get FEAR, HATE, ANGER from. Or how to get rid of it rapidly....why some people have more, some people less. Everybody knows something...too many titles in our world. Just leads to en-title-ment.
  2. Ok, now I have a time for a little revelation. Could be a separate topic, but let's keep it here for now. This will be a bit long. Let's see where it goes. So I live in the Seattle area. On March 20th I went to a forested natural area. Remote enough that there is a sign before you drive in that there is no cell phone signal nor 911 (Though in practice a friend I was with at one time got his phone to work miles away from the sign (Deeper in the forest) - I only have an emergency cell phone, don't use one, and many times, don't even have the emergency one with me. Guess I'm ol' school). Anyways...it's important to know this part...became microwave radiation / cell tower / wi-fi / whatever.... increases static charge in the affected area, which also affects people. Did you know that? That's another story. And static charge is more harmful that we believe it to be. So...I was walking in this area (Road was closed due to snow). And the day and preceding days (See Wunderground calendar) were unusual for their heat. Global warming / climate change / solar activity - whatever you believe to be true. As I was walking I all of a sudden felt the wind blow a little and got this terrible static feeling, I took of my cotton t-shirt, was bare chested, and the shirt was ALL staticy (Is that a word). I felt really uncomfortable. I could feel the static charge in the air. It was really unpleasant. I made my way back to my car. [Later a co-worker told me she thought it was more staticy that day too - and she lived away from this natural area...many many miles. A grocery cashier also seemed to confirm when I asked him the same day - he was close to where I was walking - but it is still a number of miles away] [A side note - maybe you notice the air feels different after/during a storm, but this wasn't like that - but the electrical charge in the air has changed] https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/weather/temps-near-80-degrees-at-sea-tac-notching-record-for-hottest-march-day-ever/ https://www.wunderground.com/calendar/us/wa/seattle/KSEA/date/2019-3 So...then I learn there was a potential Aurora - March 23rd - that could be visible in Seattle. After the fact. This is relatively speaking, unusual. It never did materialize from what I read. https://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2019/03/potential-aurora-tonight.html?m=1 But it got me thinking....so I found this webpage. And we had a relatively strong C-class flare that day. The day it happened, it was the strongest of 2019, to be surpassed a day later. https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/solar-activity/top-50-solar-flares/year/2019 I have *never* felt a static charge in the air in a natural area like that before. In 40+ years...and I hike and have traveled alot (As opposed to someone who "doesn't get out much") So...is it possible... That the magnetic field in this particular spot, at that time was weakened / distorted and it let through more of the solar radiation from this flare? In other words - our "protection" is not functioning properly..... The time I felt it - around 1230p PDT more/less, is roughly 8 hours after the peak of the flare - per detailed graph. UTC-PDT conversion. But the effects of this increased radiation would persist until it dissipated? https://sciencing.com/long-solar-flare-reach-earth-3732.html (Link talks about EMF energy that accompanies a flare, and it comes much faster - before the charged particles of electrons/protons, etc...is there anything else?) We should be quick to point out that the charged particles take longer (usually) to hit the earth's atmosphere - thus the delayed aurora borealis of a couple days. https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/help/how-do-we-know-if-a-cme-is-earth-directed-and-when-its-going-to-arrive So..if this is possible...why is it occurring? As you may or may not know..the magnetic north pole is moving very fast - beyond all expectations. Something has changed in the atmosphere. This video - the beginning and middle part is relevant (And possibly the last). As for a mechanism...here is a video I made about microwave radiation and magnetic fields. And microwave radiation is coming out from all man-made wireless devices and transmitters. That would include satellites beaming down microwaves to earth ( For telecom/tv/radio, broadband internet, etc...) and your local cell tower / antennas, and wi-fi router, etc.. Was it particularly hot that day and others because of more solar radiation getting through a weakened magnetic field? Is that related? The heat started March 18th PDT. The pre C class flare started at 12:00 UTC, or 4am PDT. IT was already expected to be hot...but was it hotter than the expectations? That I don't know. https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/archive/2019/03/18/xray https://www.seattlepi.com/local/weather/article/Seattle-sun-weather-heat-record-temperature-70s-13698045.php ..so how this relates to health...when our electrical system is off we suffer various health effects. And we are affected by magnetic fields...more so the more metal in our body...this I have experienced personally.
  3. Just recently discovered this website and just today this forum. Nice! Will write more later about a personal revelation of sorts. Thank you for posting your observation. Your line of thinking does have parallels with how ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE affects our human body. For example when the PRESSURE CHANGES rapidly people tend to get sick (cold/flu or what not) and/or certain people feel more or less joint pain. Search - JOINT PAIN AIR PRESSURE. Or some variation of that. Or heck...forget about web searches and just closely monitor the barometric pressure and how you feel and those around you! (Like pay attention to when people call into sick at work!)
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