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  1. I'm super sensitive to all and any energetic activity. Right now there is a coronal hole facing Earth. When the coronal hole stream comes in it makes a change in mood more negative and more sleepy. I get migraines. What I do to counteract solar waves influencing my brain waves is I wear a magnetic necklace of sphere magnets. The magnetic force of the spheres creates a shift in the magnetic forces that surround me and stabilizes my brainwaves. I put them on the temple of my head (above the ear area) sometimes because its in the hippocampus that magnetic force is detected and processed. Also drinking plenty of electrolytes and resting helps as well. Now during a cme when a sunspot releases energy that hits Earth there is a different reaction it brings more energy and makes for a more positive mood. From what I feel coronal holes pull in energy while sunspots push. This also alters the perception of time as well. Coronal hole days seem to drag as if time is slowed down and Sunspots that release energy accellerates time speeding it up. I've been researching this for years. Now coronal hole energy also increases my depression and anxiety so if I get too anxious I take Benadryl to calm myself and for depression I do self talk and remember this is a chemical reaction to environmental activity. Everyone's story is different but EVERYONE and all life on Earth is effected by these energies. I can't stand coronal holes because it creates a lot of chaos on Earth from earthquakes, natural disasters, plane crashes, social unrest and just negativity all around. Hopefully one day this will be taken seriously but it seems they are just discovering this in the mainstream. Till then all I can say is it is a heightened awareness of magnetic forces. https://knowingneurons.com/2017/01/04/stimulating-neural-circuits-magnetism/
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