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  1. Hello, I’m so glad you’ve pinpointed your sons trigger. Geomagnetic activity alters our brain chemistry and stimulates unusual melatonin and serotonin secretion. We are electrical beings. If the energy can cause transformers to explode and electricity to arc on power lines, Imagine what happens to the electrical synapses in our brain and body during proton events. The risk of stoke and heart attack increases during geomagnetic activity. If you aren’t using it already, applying magnesium lotion on your sons feet during high geomagnetic activity can help the body process the energy. Studies suggest that accumulation of Mg, in particular tissues of the Central Nervous System and endocrine glands regulated by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, may indicate the differential role Magnesium ions have in keeping the homeostasis of certain tissues, those of the brain, adrenal glands and testes after exposure to ionizing radiation. I believe NASA is also using magnesium to help astronauts recover from exposer in space. Switch to a grass fed butter so he gets vitamin K2. This will keep his pineal gland healthy and producing correct neurotransmitters when stimulated by light and energy. ❤️
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